ESSAY- Gussie up the clam shell

Beautifying the Downtown Pavilion by using the canopy as a canvas for artistic displays [OnArchitecture, "Pavilion projections: An art work waiting to happen?" July 12] is very close to an idea I've wanted to suggest for the past two years. 

Hang some festive banners or large mobiles from the inside. Let architects and artists submit proposals– keep working to make the place a more interesting environment. Kenneth Ackerman



now that fuel has gone under, maybe the city could buy those purple lights and instead of a pretentious awful restaurant that glows, we could have a pretentious awful music venue that glows

If downtown Charlottesville is in the historic district, how in hell did the BAR allow that hideous aluminum and canvas monstrocity to be placed in its center.

take a look at who is running the city. is there anyone on city council that actually seems to have a clue? there is no way DB would have been elected mayor by the public, but see who council picked? some real competition in elections would be a welcome change. if we aren't going to get that, maybe we could just let coran capshaw manage the whole city. just an idea. couldn't be any worse than it is now and the selling out process could happen much more smoothly.