Andrew G. King to St. Clair Avenue LLC, 1036 St. Clair Avenue, no price given.

Timothy A. and Margaret M. Diamond to Theresa A. Guise and John M. Chirguin, 803 Elliot Avenue, $170,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Stephen G. Pollock, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $90,000.


Heidi E. Martinson to Jerome C. and Geraldine L. Dane, 117 Hartford Court, $201,000.

Robert C. and Lena C. Banks to Margaret Sutton, 121 Roy's Place, $72,000.

Robert C. and Lena C. Banks to Courteney B. Stuart, 120 Roy's Place, $72,000.

PS2 Properties LLC to David F. and Miriam E. Bizup, parcel at Riverbluff, $150,000.

Richard E. Baltimore Jr. to Richard E. Baltimore Jr. and Mana Behbin, 1110 Montrose Avenue, no price given.

UVA Foundation to Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia, 0.530 acres at 11th Street and West Main Street, $8,098,074.45.

Catherine A. Kellett and Benjamin W. Duva to Katherine L. Harlow, unit in Monticello Overlook condominiums, 1610-A Monticello Avenue, $104,500.

JPA Investors LLC to Jonathan D. Hohman, condominium unit in 1600 JPA, $102,900.

Sidney A. and George O. Chocklett to Eric A. Gilchrist and Deborah R. Caudle, 1207 Belleview Avenue, $156,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Loreto P. and Julieta O. Virtudes, condominium unit in 1600 JPA, $169,900.

Earl H. Burton to Gary L., Janie G., and Charles L. Hunter, 1630 Mulberry Avenue, $131,000.

William W. Stevenson and Angus M. Green, trustees of Georgetown Land Trust, to Neighborhood Investments LLC, two lots on Arlington Boulevard, $3,610,000.

Jane B. and Eugene A. Foster to Legal Aid Justice Center, units 304, 208, and 211 at Carlton Bridge condominiums, gift.

Legal Aid Justice Center to Binx Investment Group LLC, three units at Carlton Bridge condominiums, $117,500.


J.W. Moore Development Co. to Matthew K. and Andrea M. Smith, 1394 Avon Street, $264,000.

Elizabeth W. Woodfolk to Patrick Lee Atkins, 313 10th Street NW, $121,100.

Marvin Haden to Arnell Haden Carter, parcel at 11th and West Streets NW, 504 11th Street NW, $24,900.

Arthoudious Haden III to Arnell Haden Carter, 504 11th Street NW, $24,000.

Steven A. and Martha F. Davis to Dennis and Kathleen Szymanski, 123 Old Fifth Circle, Willoughby Townes, $310,000.

Southern Property LLC to Urszula and Wladyslow Turawski, parcel in Brookwood subdivision, $352,800.


Ian Pallini to Windfall Real Estate LLC, unit in Wertland Commons condominiums, $160,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Lawrence D. Fabian and Toni L. McMillan-Fabian, condominium unit in 1800 JPA, $38,000.

NRV Inc. to Amy R. Stone and William H. Dunn, parcel in Cherry Hill, 600 Ranier Road, $542,000.

C. Connor Crook to James Elam, 624 South First Street, no price given.

Munro C. Russell to Global Eventmakers Inc., unit in Court Square condominiums, East High Street, $129,500.


Southern Development Group Inc. to Southern Property LLC, four lots in Brookwood subdivision, $380,000.

Francesco Benincasa to Waterhouse Village LLC, 44 West Water Street, $720,000.

Palmer F. Putnam to Local Oak LLC, parcel on Franklin Street, $150,000.


David Lynn Houchens to Craig D. Hochbein and Kelly Holohan, 1108 Avon Street, $187,000.

Hugh D. Scott III and Susannah G. Wood to Russell L. and Mary Katherine Edwards, 919 Anderson Street, $240,000.

Ballif Investments LLC to Daisy Lundy and Herbert T. Lovelace Jr., 913 Raymond Road, $369,900.


Stephen M. and Joy J. Pickett to Joy J. Pickett, 514 Rockland Avenue, no price given.

Stephen M. and Joy J. Pickett to Stephen M. Pickett, 806 Nalle Street, no price given.


Octopus Property LLC to Nandini A. and Nishant H. Patel, unit 740 in the condominiums at Walker Square, $268,800.

Edward H. Kim Song and Felicia Wu Song to Phillip A. Egolf and Winsor D. Simmons, 1204 Sherwood Road, $247,000.


Bernard E. and Alice S. Easton to Catherine B. Corish and Jerry W. Martin, 625 Elliot Avenue, $241,500.

Frank Bergland to Debra L. Robinson, 417 9th Street NW, $435,000.

Robert M. Callaghan and Robert D. Brugh, trustees, to Clark Court Properties LLC, three lots at the corner of Price Avenue and Lewis Street, $725,000.


William F. Kingrea, trustee, to Anthony J. Santoro, trustee, parcel on Franklin Street, $60,000.

Keith P. and Cabel G. Whipple to Sharon Teraoka, 414 Dice Street, $257,200.


Spencer and Sarah R. Bakich to James Robertson and Kathryn M. Lewis, 1004 St. Charles Avenue, $265,000.

Luella A. Anderson to Eric Scholz, 412 Riverside Avenue, Riverview subdivision, $190,000.

Southern Property LLC to Robert A. and Alice R. MacCallum, 201 Brookwood Drive, Brookwood subdivision, $378,600.

Cherry Hill Inc. to NVR Inc., three lots in Cherry Hill, $325,200.

Deborah Beach to Barbara Frost, 634 Watson Avenue, $215,000.

Deborah Martin to Howard L. Huntley Jr., 1526 Broad Avenue, Highland Park, $250,000.

Seymour and Marian A. Rabinowitz to John A. and Noella F. Jane, 1902 Blue Ridge Road, Meadowbrook Hills, $750,000.


Neil K. and Cynthia Carter to Chad A., Daniel W., and William H. Logan Jr., parcel on Buckingham Road, $362,500.


Charles Moseley and Kathleen Free to Kathleen Free, 0.271 acres at 400 West High Street, no price given.

Serena Sage (fka Jane Erlich) to Ian Pallini, unit in the Corner Village condominiums, 1215 Wertland Street, $136,000.

Big Deal: 


Francesco Benincasa to Waterhouse Village LLC, 44 West Water Street, $720,000.