MY RIDE- Annie Richardson: 1987 Ford Ranger

Annie Richardson

For Annie Richardson, there's just something about pick-up trucks– and particularly this one, her first, which she bought– for the first time– in 1993.

"I fell in love with it," she says. Richardson and her little truck had adventures aplenty. 

"I rode all the way to the Everglades in the back," she laughs. "It used to be my spare bedroom." She kept it for six years, then decided she needed something bigger. So she sold it to her neighbor, "Pop."

Eight years later, Pop was ready to sell, and Richardson welcomed the little Ford she calls "Scooter" back into the fold, where it joined big brother "Buck," an extended-cab Chevy pick-up.

Richardson says if she ever decides to sell again, Pop wants it back. "He said, 'Let's keep this in the family,'" she laughs. But that won't be happening anytime soon, says Richardson, explaining that her Ranger serves not just an occupational purpose, but a therapeutic one as well.

"When I get in," she says, "I feel exactly like who I am."