LETTER- Get expert tree advice

I'm writing in regard to "Tree take-down" ["Gimme shelter," June 21]. I think your expert, Keith Mann, had a very difficult task of simplifying a very intricate process, especially since the tree in question is 40-50' tall.

I believe the strenuousness, danger, and variables of felling a tree were underestimated. I was left with the feeling that a "Joe Homeowner" could read this and take on such a task, thinking he needs nothing more than a rope and a chain saw.

According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, there were over 28,500 chain saw injuries in 1999. More than 36 percent were injuries to the legs and knees. The variables involved in tree felling are numerous, and require a knowledge of tree structure, geometry, and physics– to say the least– as well as a complete understanding of surrounding utilities and property lines.

I think Mann was remiss in not stressing the importance in finding a certified arborist, or certified tree worker with a reputable tree care company.  

"Gut checks" and "golden rules" do not enforce or even imply that tree work is dangerous. When I found his company on line, I noted that the top listing is fencing, not tree care. Perhaps he was not the appropriate expert.

Treesaregood.org is an excellent consumer tree care website. My experience in tree care tells me that this was not a responsible answer.

 Rebecca Mackey Greenberg

ISA Certified Arborist