PS2 Properties LLC to Richard Price and Barbara Shenefield, parcel in Riverbluff subdivision, $104,800.

Anandhi Periasamy to Monica Periasamy, 213 13th Street NW, gift.

Cherry Hills Inc. to Hauser Homes Inc., lot 18, Village Place subdivision, $115,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Patrick S. Shemerry and Starla R. Knight, unit in 1800 JPA, $167,000.

Eight Twenty LLC to High 908 LLC, 908 East High Street, $549,000.

Gregory A. Brock and Timothy J. Kelsey to Samuel L. LeBeau, 1209-B Preston Avenue, $55,000.

Southern Development Group Inc. to Southern Property, parcel on Brookwood Road, $320,000.

Tenth and Main LLC to UVA Foundation, like-kind transfer, 10th Street NW, $2,100,000.


US Bank National Association,trustee, to Deming B. Massie, 7 Mobile Lane, $180,000.


FNRI LLC to Cory P. Teitelbaum and Kiersten K. Kaufman, condominium unit in Ecomod condominiums, 502 7-1/2 Street SW, $240,000.


Karen L. Christopher to Chastity L., Linda R., and William A. Kolb Jr., 718 Cynthianna Avenue, $297,300.


Michel A. and Elizabeth C. King to David E. and Olga V. Mills, 103 Shale Place, Willoughby, $259,000.

John Dezio to Tenth and Main LLC, 100-102 Oakhurst Circle, $1,800,000.

High Street Enterprises LLC to Melissa M. Russell and Fred M. Trainor, deed of exchange, 1112 East High Street, $626,300.


William and Judith Barlow to Judith Barlow, 610 North Avenue, $91,000.

Southern Property LLC to Hillary Losacano and Jason Morrow, 209 Brookwood Drive, $370,600.

Octopus Property LLC to Denis G. and Patricia Baskin, unit in Walker Square Townhouses, $202,600.

Mark G. and Heather S. Stephenson to Thomas and Shannon Clark, 2200 Banbury Street, $285,000.

Emily Smith and Thomas Payne to Ryan L. and Jennifer A. Bryant, 1015 Birdwood Road, $101,000.

Kellytown LLC to Coleway Development, five lots in Kellytown, $600,000.

Cheryl K. and John E. Early III to Anna Askounis, 700 Lewis Mountain Circle, $376,000.


Cheryl B. and Kurt Schacht to Allison L. Rothe, 1606 Monticello Avenue, $200,000.

Huntley of Charlottesville to Gaffney Homes and Rae Development, two lots in Huntley subdivision, $220,000.


Curtis Lee Naylor to Firoz Y. and Nasrin F. Vohra, 1590 Cool Spring Road, $110,000.

David L. Wayne to Roulhac B. and Macon C. Toledano, 802 Nalle Street, $80,000.

William and Linda P. Falconer to William H. Colden III, 108 Laurel Circle, $244,000.

Reginald L. and Mildred Haney to Mildren Haney, 1431 Rugby Avenue, no price given.

Linda Wayne to Dorothy Allen, 214 Rosser Avenue, 

Starr Hill Cottages LLC to James and Kathleen Ball, condominium unit at 5th Street Flats, $257,500.


Ellison Jackson to Steven A. Jackson, 223 Fifth Street SW, $165,000.

Jacqueral J. Barber to Toshi Sato, 114 Greenwich Court, $189,500.

Jackson B. Smith and Kim Thompson to Jesse R. and Amy F. Pritchard, 1600 Cambridge Circle, $305,000.


Robert C. Cochran to Brian D. and Leanne C. Probst, 2202 Greenbrier Drive, $277,000.

Jefferson Park Avenue LLC to Andrew Riesenfeld, condominium unit in 1800 JPA, $209,000.

Neighborhood Investments to Donna Bingler and W. Gale Pickford, parcel on Longwood Drive, $106,000.


William P. Runnels to Neighborhood Investments, parcel on Kent Terrace, $150,000.

Linda and Charles M. Davis Sr. to Dorgel Damdoo and Gachung Khesta, 1492 Grace Street, $250,000.

Delores Preston to David Brown and John M. Crafaik III, 805 West Street, $206,000.

Russell and Frances H. Mawyer to River Mill Properties LLC, 1014 Long Street, $231,500.

James C. and Miriam L. Carratt to Matthew J. and Megan A. Dunay, 142 Stribling Avenue, $255,000.

Emily M. Smith to Jennifer Trompetter and Richard S. Warren, 1011 Birdwood Road, $220,000.

Rose Hill Development LLC to Piedmont Housing Alliance, 802 Cynthianna Avenue, $413,321.

Huntley of Charlottesville to Paul R. Beyer, parcel in Huntley subdivision, Huntley Avenue, $438,750.


Christine M. Conroy to Katherine L. Bishop, 1438 Rugby Avenue, $252,000.

Joseph W. Wright III, trustee for Kurt W. Kroboth, and Jane A. Levin, formerly Jane Kroboth, to Jane A. Levin, 813-815 St. Clair Avenue, pursuant to divorce decree.

Richard A. and Susan J. Park to Frederic and Suzanne Slingluff, 1607 Grove Road, $435,000.


Church Hill Development Co. LLC to Tresha L. Lucas, 0.226 acres at 833 Village Road, $450,000.

Munro C. Russell, trustee of 619 E. High St. Land Trust, to Octagon Ventures LLC, unit in Court Square Condominiums, $315,000.

Catherine E. Byers Ross and Diana Byers to Charles H. Smith III, 825 Prospect Avenue, Orangedale, $140,000.


JPA Investors LLC to Suzanne Cunniff, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $192,900. 

Gary A. Howie to Matthew W. Shields, 708 Monticello Avenue, $289,000.


Wachovia Bank, trustee, to Cameron D. Whitehouse and Arianna Gallo, 674 Evergreen Avenue, $430,000.

Maurice T. Jones to Kimberly D. Woods, 116 Danbury Court, $187,000.

Larry L. and Clay W. Breeden Jr. to Craig A. Fabio, 916 Altavista Avenue, $190,000.

Joshua L. Pritchett Jr. and Mary C. Monroe to Kenneth Litzenberger, 642 Druid Avenue, $150,000.

Alison E. Kraft to Katherine H. Pollard, 1430 Westwood Road, $302,000.

JPA Investors LLC to James F. Benzinger, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $174,900.

Alice R. Woodfolk to Richard A. Lehne, strip of land on Nalle Street, $2,150.


JPA Investors LLC to Charles A. EdingtonIII, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $143,400.

JPA Investors LLC to Scott D. Edington, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $143,400.

JPA Investors LLC to David J. Stankiewicz, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $133,400.

Catherine L. Smith and Thea N. Bartola to Blue Ridge Property Management LLC, parcel on Jefferson Park Avenue, no price given.

Jim Fiala to Edward H. Bain Jr., trustee, 809 Forrest Street, $135,000.


George K. and Brigette R. Seitz to Christopher G. Seitz, 632 Hinton Avenue, $200,000.

Linda M. Fleming to Michael and Karen A. Duffy, unit in the Venable condominiums, 312 13th Street NW, $156,500.


Shamrock Corp. to James C. and Miriam Lee Carratt, 440 Second Street NE, $390,000.

Jean DePiro to Marios A. Velasquez and Lillian Guzman, 508 Moseley Drive, $185,000.

Robert J. and Krista L. Schneider to April T. Hodge and Alex E. Phillips, 1704 Cherry Avenue, $250,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Barbara Nicholson and Shanulie Lee, condominium unit in 1600 Jefferson Park Avenue, $130,900.


Southland Homes Inc. to Elizabeth M. James, condominium unit at 100 Melbourne Park Circle, $334,900.

Eric Norcross and Kelly Godfrey to Belmont and Carlton Holdings LLC, unit in condominiums at Carleton Avenue and Holly Street, $475,000.

Samuel I. White, trustee, and Charles B. Ferneyhough to Bonnie Strickler, 119 Cleveland Avenue, $357,000.

Stephen E. and Patricia A. Schnatterly to Matthew and Jenny Sachs, 0.309 acres at 1503 Grove Road, $485,000.

Big Deal


John Dezio to Tenth and Main LLC, 100-102 Oakhurst Circle, $1,800,000.