PHOTOPHILE- Games over: Little Leaguers celebrate wildly

This may not have been a very hot spring, but some fierce competition has kept the Little League fields at McIntire park blazing. So on Saturday June 9, teams from T-ballers to the majors celebrated with "McIntire Day."

While the League's championship tournaments have yet to be played, this event gets all the McIntire teams together to roast some wieners, run some bases, and watch the sluggers engage in a home run contest. And it recognizes the coaches who have volunteered their time.

This year, to keep the thrills rolling, there was even a castle bounce and a balloon dunking station. "I want every kid to come here," said commissioner Bob Schotta, "and I'm going to find a way."

Commissioner Bob Schotta and parent Jill Vidal

Coke coach Dan Wright and parent Jim Ottaway

Player Isiah Cowan and parent Tony Kreinbaum recycle

Parents Mary Spencer and Maddy Deal

Tee Teague, Troy Yancey, and Art Daniels prepare a pitching machine

Credit Union coach Wendell Gibson and Coke coach Tom Greer