LETTER- Red alert: Be sure vinyl is marked

I am very disappointed in Alan Zimmerman's [May 31] Tough Customer column, "Vinyl soul: Short-sheeting makes tempers flare." When I met with Mr. Zimmerman, I told him I wanted consumers to be made aware of a potential problem. The problem was purchasing vinyl and planning to install it on your own, from any store, not just Floor Fashions.

Each customer needed to know to check for "red marks" on the back of the vinyl before leaving the store. I knew nothing about these "red marks" until my experience with Floor Fashions.

The "red marks" are supposedly stamped on the back of the vinyl, on both ends, when it's cut by the company. In this instance, JJ Haynes was the company that cut the vinyl. This is their proof that the vinyl has not been cut by the customer.

However, what happens if the company fails to put both stamps on the vinyl? You have no proof that you did not cut the vinyl. This is what happened to me. The first piece of vinyl had only one stamp, not two. So Floor Fashions assumed that I had cut it. I had not cut the vinyl.

A second piece was ordered, and I was told that they were going to inspect this piece. If it had two stamps, "We had a problem." The problem was that I wasn't going to get the new piece and I was out $1,000.

Thank goodness this piece, the second piece ordered from JJ Haynes, had no "red marks." Floor Fashions had no choice but to give me the second piece of vinyl. Yes, in the end, it all worked out for me. I got the right size floor, and I was given a full refund– $500 from JJ Haynes and the other $500 from Floor Fashions.

I couldn't ask for anything more.

However, this was not the issue. The issue was I wanted to inform others about these "red marks" so they could protect themselves. I wanted everyone to know that they need to check for these "red marks" before leaving the store. The next person may not be as lucky as I was.

Cristal F. Sowder