JPA Investors LLC to Thomas and Molly John, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $189,800.

Richard Barrick, trustee, to Michael D. Morris, 104 North Baker Street, $170,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Christopher J. and Margaret P. Clark, condominium unit in 1600 Jefferson Park Avenue, $144,900.

Opre Monticello Overlook LLC to David J. Jacobs, 1602-B Monticello Avenue, $90,000.


Claude E. and Betty H. Everett to Sun Da, 415 McIntire Road, $165,000.

Michael B. Alexander to Robert E. Daniel, 613-615 Rockcreek Road, $233,500.


P. Douglas and Patricia B. Jensen to Crazyladynlads LLC, 608-612 Preston Avenue, $3,000,000.


FNRI LLC to Donald L. Westfall, unit in Ecomod Condominiums, 500 7-1/2 Street SW, $124,900.

Natalie B. Aloi to Jason A. Ivey, 1800 East Market Street, $260,000.

Paloma LLC to Ryal L. Thomas, 1214 Monticello Road, $395,000.


Cherry Hills Inc. to NVR Inc., parcel in Cherry Hills, $577,600.

Arthur and Paula M. Klugo to Scott B. and Laura R. Jones, 2133 Tarleton Drive, $299,500.

Mary F. Carver, Phyllis H. Steger, and GTF Homes LLC to Phyllis H., Charles L., and Thomas R. Steger Jr. and Mary Ann S. Conrad, 2501 Woodland Drive, $160,000.

Mary F. Carver, Phyllis H. Steger and GTF Homes LLC to Phyllis H., Charles L., and Thomas R. Steger Jr. and Mary Ann S. Conrad, 0.230 acres on Porter Avenue, Oaklawns, $160,000.


Paul K.Dougherty and Kurtis Keesecker to Jeffrey E. Fogel, 215 Spruce Street, $350,000.

Annaliese V. Boyd-Bucy to Matthew G. Boyd and Susan R. Berg, parcel, $40,000.


Atlantic Coast Athletic Clubs of Virginia LLC to 200 E. Water St. LLC and Phil Wendel,  two units in Water Street Parking Garage, $420,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Pat B. and R. Douglas Jensen, unit in condominiums at  1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $195,000.

Kelly L.C. and John Michael Crafaik III to Kelly L.C. Crafaik, 1221 Greenway Road, no price given. 


Christopher Hays and Allison Ewing to Lulu Selby, lot at River's Edge subdivision, $126,000.


Phillip Wayne Shifflett, trustee, to Louisa Todd Bradford, three lots on Monticello Avenue, $350,000.

Huntley of Charlottesville Ltd. to Gaffney Homes LLC, five lots in Huntley subdivision, $550,000.


JPA Investors LLC to John S. and Joanne C.Huntington, unit in condominiums at 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $181,900.


J. Ronald Heller to Moe LLC, 0.1813 acres at 1020 East Jefferson Street, $450,000.

Katina M. Peyton to Mary Boyd, trustee, 502 Rougemont Avenue, $72,900.

Roger and Ernestine Rawlings to T.E. Wood, 322 Dover road, $163,000.

Robert K. and Rashel H. Drumheller to South Street Buildings  and Restoration LLC, 611 Wilder Drive, $135,000.

Southern Development Group Inc.  to Church Hill Development Co. LLC, two lots in Carter's View subdivision, no price given.


Southern Development to Skyline Home Builders LLC, six lots in Brookwood subdivision, $570,000.

Southern Properties LLC to Sara E. Sechler and Wesley R. Hoagland, 215 Brookwood Drive, $339,000.

Lewis A. Martin III, trustee, to Ralph C. Cason, 910 Coleman Street, no consideration.


Cherry Hills Inc. to NVR Inc., lot in Cherry Hill, no price given.

Michael G. and K. Adrienne Easton to Tom Glendening and Susanna Stieff, 802 Park Street, $310,000.

Katherine A. Grove to Kelly R. Rogers, 1024 Sheridan Avenue, $214,500.

IC2 Kapital LLC to John D. Krebs, 409 Valley Road, $164,900.


Arc of the Piedmont Inc. to John D. Sweet, 1100 Locust Avenue, $388,000.

Wooglin Co. to Jefferson Scholars Foundation, 1.629 acres at 124 Maury Avenue, $3,000,000.

Susan D. Powell  to Jose R. and Eva C. Cornejo, 111 Lodge Creek Circle, $196,000.


Octopus Properties LLC to Marvin L. Simms Jr., unit in Walker Square condominiums, $204,800.

Habitat for Humanity to Brandy Lacey, 985 Rockcreek Road, $161,000.

Habitat for Humanity to Teresita R. Heart, 987 Rockcreek Road, $151,000.

Louise A. Veliky and Samuel A. Manka to Robert D. and Judith A. Barrick, 1822 Meadowbrook Heights Road, $439,900.


Bruce Shifflett to David R. Gentry and Lynette B. Narciso, 1502 Green Street, $232,000.

Thomas E. and Melanie F. Rhodes to Thomas E. Rhodes, parcel on St. Charles Avenue, no price given.

Barbara B. and T. Elsom Johnson Jr. to Byrd and Mary Leavell, 215 Cleveland Avenue, $280,000.

Paul M. Lieberman to Cacar Inc., 1418 Forest Ridge Road, Forest Hills, $294,000.

Carolyn M. Kendall, ex., to Totran Nguyen, 8334 Belmont Avenue, $300,000.

Reuben R. W. and Kim T. Jones to Douglas S. Galvez and Maria J. Cornejo de Menendez, 950 Rockcreek Road, $143,000.


Southland Homes Inc. to Mark N. and Connie M. Glover, 1118 St. Charles Court, $399,900.

Richard A. and Charles P. Dulaney, trustees, to Susan A. Sherman, 924 Rosser Lane, $515,000.

Michael D. and Christina M. Lindgren to Michael Lindgren, 1705 Yorktown Drive, no price given.

Clarke Court Properties LLC to Jefferson Scholars Foundation, like-kind exchange, three parcels on Clarke Court.

John F. Matthews to 10 Carrollton LLC, 107 Carrolton Terrace, no price given.

John F. and Veronica Matthews to Minor Road LLC, 112 Minor Road, no price given.

John F. and Veronica Matthews to Bollingwood Road LLC, 1423 Bollingwood Road, no price given.


Nellie Moubry, Tanner Carver, et al., trustees of the Reformed Baptist Church, to First Street Church Project, First Christian Church, 112 West Market Street, $2,150,000.

Christopher and Ann B. Willms to James C. and Lauren S. Record, 509 Lexington Avenue, $470,000.

David E. Watkins and Enrica E. Jang to James M. and Samduk B. Pittard, 405 Allen Drive, $159,000.

HP Rental Property to Jack Gruber, 715 Nalle Street, $199,000.

Meadow Wood Inc. to Patricia and Douglas Jensen, condominium unit in Villas at Southern Ridge, $167,400.

Jeffrey B. and Loris Toms to Mark P. Ballard and Jennifer L. Mays, 2413 Brook Road, $335,000.

Big Deal


Wooglin Co. to Jefferson Scholars Foundation, 1.629 acres at 124 Maury Avenue (former Beta Theta Pi fraternity house), $3,000,000.