MY RIDE- Gill and Gaye Gilbert: 2007 Dodge Charger

Gill and Gaye Gilbert picked up this Dodge Charger rental in Greensboro, North Carolina, and were pleased find it had only 1,400 miles on it. "It has that new car smell," says Gaye. "We haven't smelled that in long time." 

The Gilberts, who are from Colorado, plan to drive from Charlottesville to Norfolk for a Vietnam Veterans reunion. They decided to start their trip in North Carolina, though, in order to visit some old friends while they were on the east coast. 

The couple usually drives large sport utility vehicles, so this car "feels a little underpowered," Gill says. "But I think that's common in rentals because they don't add any extra features to them." 

Gaye adds, "It has ample cupholders, though! And the air conditioning works well, so that's always good." 

Gill and Gaye Gilbert