LETTER- Tell the truth about abstinence

In the article "No-sex ed: Abstinence-only aims for local support" published May 3, Cynthia Dussault asserts that there is a solid presence of the Worth-Your-Wait program in Nelson County.

I have been working with a group of concerned parents and county leaders in Nelson to prohibit this program from our public school curriculum. It was introduced only as a pilot program in the eighth grade during the fall of 2006. Despite limited class time dedicated to family life education, the Worth-Your-Wait program was given eight classes during which at least one entire class was devoted to staging a Christian wedding and watching a video of the presenter's wedding. During another class, virginity pledge cards were distributed, and students were encouraged to sign and commit to abstinence-only-until-marriage.

The Why kNOw curriculum, used by Worth-Your-Wait, promotes gender stereotyping and refers to misleading undocumented data and statistics as well as making medically inaccurate statements. The program is based on ideology better taught in the context of church and/or family.

In a diverse public school setting, a comprehensive sex education program should be taught (with the option for parents to opt their child out), giving the students the information necessary to make informed decisions. Our children deserve the respect inherent in teaching the lessons necessary for making life-long informed decisions.

Cheryl Borgman