PHOTOPHILE- Wheelie good time: Two-wheeled transport in the spotlight

National Bike Week was hit the ground rolling early on May 15 at the Bike Pit Stop in front of the County Office Building, an event staged by the Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation. Each morning and afternoon for the week, the Alliance is offering "pit stops" and giving away bike helmets and lights as a way of raising awareness about the biking alternative to fossil-fueled travel.

While the Tuesday morning event had slightly more human traffic than usual, since some supporters declared it "National Don't Buy Gas Day," the pit stops will be ongoing daily from 7-9am and 4:30-6:30pm through Friday, May 18.

Joe Pollock tries on a blue helmet.

Bryan McKenzie and Mike Culp get their early morning coffee fix.

Ian Henry demonstrates a lay-back bike.

Matthew Rosefsky and Rachel Vigour

Keith Whipple and Derrick Bedarf