MY RIDE- Ann and David Lasky: 2007 Honda Odyssey

This is the Lasky family's second Odyssey, and they're thrilled with it– and with Hondas in general. 

"I like that I can sit up high and get a good view of the scenery," says Ann. David adds, "It's very comfortable for traveling." 

In fact, the couple is in the middle of their first roadtrip in the vehicle, having come from Pennsylvania to attend a William & Mary Elderhostel class in Charlottesville. The course has taken them to the estates of our three local presidents.

The Laskys are already planning another trip in the van. 

"This Odyssey is a little bigger than our last one," David says, "so all the grandkids will fit when we get to the beach this summer."

"This new, bigger Odyssey is a little much for our garage," Ann says, "but the sliding doors are great because I don't have to worry about hitting people or other cars when I open the door." 

Ann and David Lasky