NEWS- Wish you were {t}here: Rod Stewart at John Paul Jones Arena, May 5, 2007

The Queen of England isn't the only British superstar who arrived in Virginia with a lot of fanfare last week. With a fully produced Hollywood trailer called The Rodfather and a flurry of bagpipes heralding his entrance, Rod Stewart took the John Paul Jones Arena stage Friday night. 

Thanks to a last-minute give-away of several thousand tickets to UVA employees, Stewart was able to perform to a nearly full arena. And like Justin Timberlake in March, Stewart performed "in-the-round."

Stewart rattled off 26 of his classics, including a rousing sing-along "Maggie May." The mostly middle-aged audience seemed thrilled with the 62-year-old Stewart, whose voice and rock star swagger are as vibrant as they were when albums like Every Picture Tells A Story and Never A Dull Moment were topping the charts.

The performance marked Stewart's first visit to UVA since December 15, 1971, when he strutted his stuff at Memorial Gym (alongside future Rolling Stone guitarist Ron Wood) as a member of the Faces. 

Stewart gets the night started.

Stewart atop his "theater-in-the-round"

Before the Blonde One arrived, concertgoers watched The Rodfather.

In keeping with Stewart's Scottish roots, his band was decked out in traditional tartan patterns. To the gratitude of those in the front row, they left the kilts on the tour bus.



Wish I were too!!!!!!!!!Never miss him when he comes to Texas, but I have never been given a free ticket, those UVA students must have been thrilled and if they were not, they should have been lashed with a Scottish Kilt. hahhaa
Great write up.

I have two points to differ with in the blurb about the Rod Stewart concert:

Rod said the band was going to play 28 songs and the article said 26 songs; I say there were 24 songs played. (See attached play list.)

The blurb said Rod played Memorial Gym on 12/15/71. I contend that The Faces featuring Rod Stewart played University Hall in November (possibly 11/15/71.) I attended the show, which was one of the latest student-produced shows produced up to that time. (Think about it: exams would have been in early December and the students would have gone home for the holidays.)

I think it's interesting that there were SO MANY free tickets being dumped around town. I talked to many people that got free tickets (as I did) and I wonder if the word on the street is true: that "Rod had a clause in his contract that guaranteed a full house or he wouldn't go on stage"???


"You Wear it Well"
"Lost in You"
"Reason to Believe"
"(I Know I'm) Losing You"
"Father and Son"
"Have I Told You Lately"
"This Old Heart of Mine"
"We're Having a Party"
"Piece of My Heart"
"Hot Legs"
"Lay Down Sallyā€¯
"You're in My Heart"
"Dirty Old Town"

"The First Cut is the Deepest"
"Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright)"
"Do You Think I'm Sexy?"
"Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"
"Fooled Around and Fell in Love"
"It's Heartache"
"Rhythm of My Heart"
"Young Turks"
"Forever Young"

"Maggie May"

I was the person who gave to Rod Argentine Soccer T-Shirt and I want, please, some photos of the show or something that somebody save wiht telephone or camera because in the place that I did seat I could not take some photos. I am really fan of Rod Stewart since I was borned and I live in a place that is very difficult that Rod will go there. If somebody Knows about some photos of this concert at the John pauls jones arena I will be very greatfull. please write