LETTER- Craig has the credentials

The HotSeat in the Hook with a full page picture of Larry Claytor in his Rescue Squad uniform was very impressive ["Which scene? Larry Claytor, CSI, tries again," April 19]. Included in the article was interesting data of Claytor's past Republican and independent candidacies for sheriff. 

Now he seeks a caucus vote to be the Democratic candidate for Albemarle County sheriff. The question arises which party has Claytor's true loyalty. His opponent is master deputy sheriff Roger Craig, a Democrat with no Republican alignment.

It took considerable research of many academic courses to make master deputy sheriff Roger Craig a better qualified candidate for Albemarle County sheriff. A new 40-hour course in basic crime prevention was added to large list of sheriff-related courses that Roger Craig has completed in more than a decade of police and sheriff work. He will certainly not need orientation to sheriff's duties as candidates from other departments would need. Craig earned instructor ratings for many courses designating superior knowledge of a sheriff's subjects.

Roger Craig has received seven major awards for excellent and exceptional service in addition to  numerous academic schools, courses, and seminars, all of which pertain to the position of sheriff. The honor of being chosen Albemarle County "Sheriff of the Year" was in addition to the designation of master deputy in Virginia, awarded for excellence and knowledge of sheriff's duties.

In the US Army, Craig was awarded a certificate of appreciation for exceptional service by Gen. W. C. Westmoreland. Excelling is standard performance for Roger.

Instructor ratings were earned in many branches of police law enforcement and drug interdiction as documented by federal and Virginia authorities. Roger Craig has excelled in any endeavor he has been involved in.

Albemarle County would be fortunate to elect the very best qualified candidate for sheriff who needs no on-the-job training: master deputy sheriff Roger Craig.

B. McCarthy Drumm
Albemarle County