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Highlights of what to look for at Look3


Exhibitions Everywhere: Beginning June 1, photography shows will be exposed all over town, but four must-sees are


William Albert Allard: "Five Decades" at Les Yeux du Monde, 115 South St.

Eugene Richards: "Thirteen Books," at McGuffey Art Center, 201 Second St. NW.

Sally Mann, "The Given: Studio Work," Second Street Gallery, 115 Second St. SE.

Michael "Nick" Nichols, "Trees," outside on the Downtown Mall. Nichols says, "Every image up there is going to be wild as hell. There's nothing tame about it."


Insight Conversations: National Public Radio's "Day to Day" host and creator of the "National Geographic Expeditions" series, Alex Chadwick, sits down with Look3's big three for one-on-one discussions on the Paramount Stage. (ticketed event)


June 7: William Albert Allard, 7-9pm

June 8: Sally Mann, 4-6pm

June 9: Eugene Richards, 4-6pm


Shots, June 8 According to Look3's co-executive director Jessica Nagle, this invitational showcase of 32 up-and-coming photographers (including Charlottesville's own Jon-Phillip Sheridan) will be a "less formal, more like Nick's backyard party, having a hotdog and beer and looking at some photography" shebang. 8pm-2am, Ix Warehouse. (ticketed event).


Works, June 9 Forget about the 40-foot display of stellar images by 20 internationally known photographers, skip the music by the Hackensaw Boys, and ignore the half-hour of storytelling by legendary National Geographic photographer Sam Abell– the real reason to be at the Pavilion Saturday night will be to witness photographer Mark Moffett's ant mating dance. 7pm-midnight, the Pavilion. (ticketed event)


YourSpace, June 7-9 If all this photography fuels your own creative fire, here's a chance to express yourself. During the Look3, the skilled team at YourSpace will upload, print, and display anyone's image, as long as it addresses the theme of "Serendipity." Old Boxer Learning Center on the Downtown Mall. June 7-9, 10am-8pm.


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Frightened by gunshots
Photo by Michael Nichols