PHOTOPHILE- Tally how much! Pre-race dinner wins, places, and shows

What kind of dinner does everyone leave carrying their placemat? And at what kind of dinner is the placemat an actual vinyl record album? The kind that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Foxfield Races– and benefits the Music Resource Center.

Dubbed "Hoofbeats," the April 27 event was held at Seven Oaks, the luxurious Greenwood estate of music manager Coran Capshaw. Busy with his top band now touring in Australia, Capshaw was not in attendance Friday night, but he left some goodies.

One was a guitar signed by Willie Nelson, Dwight Yoakam, Bo Bice, Warren Haynes, Trey Anastasio, and George Clinton. The guitar was having a little trouble fetching a big opening bid– until emcee Fritz Berry mentioned a local group led by Dave Matthews.

 "If it makes a difference, every member of the band will sign the guitar," Berry told the several hundred dinner guests. It did seem to make a difference. The guitar, a Fender ESD-10 donated by Charlottesville Music, went for $4,000.

"And we're starting a new one for this year," said Berry. "We've already got Bonnie Raitt's signature."

Also auctioned off was use for a weekend of a corporate turbo-prop ($7,750), four nights in Parrot Cay ($5,250), and four tickets to the Grammys ($7,000).

Youthful users of the Music Center were on hand to greet the guests for the dinner, which was catered by the C&O.

Two bits of equestrian news were delivered by Foxfield president J. Benjamin Dick. For starters, Dick noted, most jockeys today are women. And Foxfield, which has been working with County and state booze officials to reduce drinking, enjoyed a sold-out race-day.

Tally that!

Dan and Leslie Gregg

Michael and Kathy Del Rosso

Julie Peters and Craig Slingluff

Laura Weis and Jennifer Wettel

Molly Ewald and Gib Staunton

Sarah and Paul Bower

Sandra Law, frontwoman of Sound Nation, belted out dance classics including the 1978 hit "Boogie Oogie Oogie."