CORRECTIONS- Fair enough, fewer water woes, Henley regret

In our April 26 Photophile, "All's fair: Fun for all at Dogwood Carnival," we should have said that it was Chase Crenshaw climbing the rock wall and that Lee Peterson is, in fact, Tyler Peterson's uncle.

The April 26 On the Block house review ["Peacock Hill: A full-feathered development"] misstated the duration of water difficulties at the once water-starved subdivision. Carolyn O'Neal, manager of the Peacock Hill Service Company, says that new wells have been dug, and even in the summer of 2002, "None of our wells were overly strained during the drought."

Then there's last week's news story about what happened to the Henley bomb hoaxers. This is a mistake so large and so crucial to the story that it merits its own special correction.