MY RIDE- Graham Power: 2007 Jeep Compass

Graduation came early for Graham Power, or at least his gift did. The fourth-year UVA student received his 2007 Jeep Compass a few months before the ceremony in May.

The brand-new compact SUV provides the best of both worlds.

"I love it," Powers says. "It's a nice crossover SUV."

He adds that his silver sport utility vehicle has more room than a car but still gets good gas mileage. Another bonus was the price tag.

"For the Jeep line, it was relatively inexpensive," Power says.

You may see more new grads driving Compasses off the lots. Power says it seems to fit his demographic.

"It came fully equipped and already outfitted with a stereo" he laughs.

So what was the main reason he received his present early?

"I was driving my brother's car, and he wanted it back," Power admits.

Graham Power



That's a Ghey ride.

Better bring an actual compass if you go off road in that'll be walking home when you get stuck.

I can't believe this rag wrote about a little rich spoiled brat receiving a brand new vehicle as a graduation present. NEXT WEEK: Daddy gives Graham a job. He made room for Graham by firing Bob who has worked at the firm for 25 years and has 4 kids.

You know what I got for my graduation after working my a## off for 4 years? A diploma. You know what I got after working it off for another 3 years? I received a degree just like thousands of other people. I'm not mad at the rich kids for being rich. Life isn't fair. So be it. However, when this rag of a newspaper writes about some mama's boy getting a new car then I've got a beef. How about doing a REAL story on a kid that works while going to school, completes school in 4 years, and graduates with honors. Now that would be impressive.

Since Graham grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth, the commoners are expected to applaud as daddy warbucks hands Graham the keys to his new vehicle. I am just so honored to be able to witness this historical event through the pages of this so called newspaper.

Daddy got junior a new car. How nice. I must say Daddy waited a long time. So many of the 16 year olds I know in Charlottesville already got their new SUV from Daddy. Oh wait, I bet this isn't the first car Daddy has gotten his little tiger.