4BETTER OR WORSE- The week in review

Worst timing: Reports of a gun-toting person lead police to crawl all over Wilsdorf Hall at UVA late April 23 before arresting Christopher A. Smith, 19, who was carrying a BB gun for a class filmmaking project, the Daily Progress reports. According to the Cav Daily, police escorted between six and 10 frightened students from the building, including three young women who were crying and having "panic attacks."

Worst example of father knows best: Colin Andrew Glasgow gets 12 years for reacting to the news that his wife wanted a divorce by attempting a murder-suicide, Liesel Nowak reports in the Progress. Glasgow drove around the countryside for hours August 19 with his wife and two children in a minivan before crashing into a tree near Dickerson Road.

Worst case of mother knows best: An Albemarle woman is convicted of felony child endangerment April 18 for not giving her HIV-positive foster son his meds, and the jury recommends nine months in jail, according to a Nowak story.

Best reason to not leave angry voice messages to your kid: Alec Baldwin

Biggest retrial: Judge Daniel Bouton tosses out the first-degree murder convictions of Orange County resident James H. Long Jr., ruling that prosecutors should have given Long's attorney information that could have hurt the credibility of a key witness– Long's girlfriend, Robin Browning– Rob Seal reports in the DP. 

Best place for a movie and a robbery: The Carmike Cinema off U.S. 29 north has been hit five times since last June, according to Seal's tally, most recently early April 21.

Biggest crime spree: Five businesses– Big Jim's Barbecue and B Fabulous Hair Salon on Angus road, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Subway on Emmet street, and Jack 'n Jill on East High street– are robbed early April 21 and police believe the burglaries are related, according to WINA.

Worst correlation: Children with asthma have higher rates of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to a study by researchers at UVA Children's Hospital published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

Most contested: Five candidates vie for the $113,000-a-year Albemarle circuit court clerk job: Businessman Alan Van Clief and lawyer Lisa Graziano, independents; city deputy clerk Janet Ferrance and county deputy clerk Debbie Shipp, who will duke it out for the Democratic nomination at the May 14 caucus; and businessman John Dawson, who's running as a Republican.

Latest re-up request: Supervisor David Wyant announces he'll seek re-election to the White Hall seat he currently holds; he'll face challenger Ann Mallek. 

Least re-ups: Three Charlottesville School Board members– Vice Chair Peggy Van Yahres, former chair Julie Gronlund, and Louis Bograd– say they aren't going to run, according to a Matt Deegan story in the Progress. 

Biggest court decision on abortion: The Supreme Court upholds the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act in a 5-4 ruling.

Biggest grant: Albemarle Fire Rescue pulls down $309,168 from Homeland Security to make sure all firefighters have appropriate protective gear. An additional $77,292 in local funds is required for the garb, which runs $6,695 per firefighter. 

Biggest individual grant: Burnley-Moran principal Daphne Keiser is presented a $25,000 check April 22 in Beverly Hills from the Milken National Educator Awards.

Biggest award without money: Charlottesville School Board member Juandiego Wade receives the John L. Snook Child Advocate Award for 2007 from Children, Youth and Family Services.

Worst news for limbo: The Vatican is ready to do away with the place between heaven and hell, according to the Washington Post.