SPECIAL- Wahoo shock: Cavaliers respond to the news

"I was concerned about my friends at Virginia Tech and upset that students should have to worry about their safety while pursuing their education. It made me appreciate my safety at UVA." –First year Justin Manley, Centreville

"I'm still in shock– I'm not sure it's sunk in yet. I went online and found out most of my friends were okay right away, but it wasn't until later that one of my friends told me he was barricaded in a classroom, and the gunman shot two bullet holes in the door." –Fourth year Brook Estes, Norfolk

"I found out during CS class around 1pm. My friend who goes to Tech was actually online at the time, so I talked to him and he was fine. I think most of us in college now were in high school during September 11. [The shooting] was another shocking event that hit close to home." –Second year Kai Chang, Vienna

"When I first heard the news, it was around 11 o'clock, and there were only two casualties, but that was still shocking. As time went by the number grew and grew– it's just terrible. It's surprising because we're really close and in the same in environment: a college town. It could happen to us at anytime. –Second year Yumi Hara, Japan

"I heard about [the shooting] from my dad around 11:30am. My grandmother had called him because she got confused [about which school I attended] and was pretty concerned. Of course, I was reminded of Columbine." –Fourth year David Cutler, Chicago, Illinois

"Even though it didn't happen here, it still feels really close. I had 86 people from my graduating class alone [at Clover Hill High School] go to Virginia Tech." –Fourth year Alicia Mau, Midlothian