MY RIDE- Mary Key Brents: 1999 Mercedes ML320

While car shopping for her husband four years ago, Mary Key Brents drove off with a 1999 Mercedes ML300– for herself.

"I was test driving everything," Brents says, "but once I saw it, I just had to have it."

Brents admits she liked the Volvo she was driving at the time, "but this sat up higher and had more zip."

For an SUV, she says, it also gets good gas mileage.

"It's very dependable and hasn't been expensive to maintain" she adds.

Another feature is a 4-foot sunroof called a "sky view." "It's like being in a convertible without the downside," Brents says, pointing out that no one gets windblown.  

Brents is not the only one in her family who enjoys her ride: her 16-year-old daughter also has her eye on it.

"She keeps telling me that I deserve a new car," Brents laughs.

Like mother, like daughter.

Mary Key Brents