LETTER- Williams leaves big legacy

Thank you for writing sthe wonderful and inspiring article on Eugene Williams ["Tectonic shift: What will happen when Eugene Williams loosens his tie?" April 5]. It's enlightening to read a story with a positive view of the African American community. Please keep reporting on others like Eugene Williams so that more people can appreciate the contributions of African Americans in Charlottesville.

We moved to Charlottesville in 1999 from Nashville and had not met many people. Our car was giving us trouble one Saturday afternoon as we were driving on Park Street, and Mr. Williams was the only person to stop to help us. He was very kind, taking my husband to a nearby phone to call for further assistance. He stayed with us until the problem was resolved and ultimately invited us to his church, Ebenezer Baptist, and to meet his wife. We accepted both invitations, and the friendship began. We always call him "our first friend."

We were very impressed with his family-owned business, Dogwood Properties and his family. Mr. Williams and his daughter, Scheryl Williams Glanton, created an internship opportunity for high school students to provide hands-on experience in running a property management company. Our daughter was selected to participate in this very positive and rewarding endeavor and has continued each year since.

This is a bittersweet time for the Williams family, but they have made a positive mark on the community by providing affordable housing and encouraging home ownership. All good things must come to an end, but Mr. Williams' lasting legacy will continue.

Judy J. Pointer
Program Manager, Office for Diversity
UVA Health Systems