This should be happy news– we have a changing of the guard here at the Hook. But, in light of Monday's events in Blacksburg, internal affairs seem insignificant.

Nevertheless, it's important to thank our longtime art director, Mitchell Jarrett, who leaves after two years of leading our art department to new heights, including having his Hook cover designs recently named best in the state by the Virginia Press Association. Mitchell is moving to Washington, D.C. to become art director for a high-tech design firm.

Allison Sommers also had a big hand in securing the Hook's recent design awards, and after nearly five years as Mitchell's assistant, she now steps into the role of art director. Joining her team is Clay Caricofe, a veteran of the Charlottesville design community.


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I'd like to thank Sidonie for keeping the thread blogs full of non-insightful messages. Without her empty-headed perspectives the success of blogging on the Hook's webpage would not have been successful at dissimenating pure nonsense.