Johanna A. Claasen to Taryn H. Price, 1405 Vine Street, $186,000.


Southern Property LLC to Bryan R. and Clara A. Schuster, 129 Old Fifth Circle, Willoughby Townes, $262,900.

Southern Proeprty LLC to Benjamin R. Feiner and Heidi R., Seth, and Arthur Feiner, 125 Old Fifth Circle, Willoughby Townes, $263,800.

Gary A. Howie to SD Ranch 2044 LLC, parcel on Cynthianna Avenue, no price given.


HP Rental Properties LP to SD Ranch 2044 LLC, 913 King Street, no price given.

SD Ranch 2044 LC to Mairin M. Burke, 913 King Street, $249,900.

Roberta Bell and Bruce R. Williamson Jr. to Roberta Bell Williamson, three parcels at 713 Locust Avenue, no price given.

Dean H. Gustafson and Beth A. Carpenter to Matthew Datesman and Charlotte Moore, 1006 Blenheim Avenue, $239,000.

Lance A. Davidson and Laura M. Hillenbrand to S. Gordon Fears and Margaret A. Morris, 600 Shamrock Road, $271,000.

Daniel J. and Louise A. Veliky to 15th Street LC, 201 15th Street NW, $120,600.


Margie P. Halstead to Faye P. Taylor, 617 Bolling Avenue, $134,000.

1800 JPA Ltd. Partnership to JPA Investors LLC, four parcels at 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $18,200,000.

David F. Wayland, administrator, to John W. and Maria L. Hedges, 614 Montrose Avenue, $218,000.

Elizabeth A. Alcorn to Thomas D. Fallace and Victoria B. Fantozzi, 1141 Meriwether Street, $295,000.

Christopher J. and Robin R. Waymire to Jeffery and Lindsay C. Tiley, 1007 Avon Street, $285,000.

Eleanor M. Petik to Sara Ellen, S. Brooks and Ryan D. Casey and Francesca E. Fornari, 2313 Fontaine Avenue, $240,000.

Lou P. Baron and David C. t0 Anna C. Naylor, 707 Gillespie Avenue, $300,000.

Franklin Junior White to Michele L. Snyder, 1227 Holmes Avenue, $220,000.

Charles and Mary E. Kardos to Clyde M. and Linda P. Locker, 117-119 Carlton Road, $217,000.

Nicholas K. Priest to Charles D. and Mary E. Kardos, two lots on Shamrock Road, $215,000.


William Hagstrong to Waltr B. Ryalls, Meade Avenue, $146,400.

Barbara H. and Montague Dixon II to Neighborhood Investments LLC Orange Street, $190,000.

Neighborhood Investments LLC to Donna F. Bingler and Gale W. Pickford, $140,000.

Frederick J. lyle to Mark R. and Racel R. Selisker, condominium unit in Belmont Lofts, 202 Douglas Avenue, $355,000.


Lawrence O. Goedde and Karen L. Ryan to Karen L. Ryan, 1622 Brandywine Drive, no price given.

Walter J. Kennedy Jr. to Adam J. Soroka, 401 5th Street SW, $156,000.

Woodrow W. and Maude Ann Gormes to Joyce B. and Charles Evgelilker, 2422 Sunset Road, $245,000.


Thomas H. Connaughton to Douglas Zink, 1412 Cherry Avenue, $170,000.

Page Street LLC to Thomas H. Connaughton and Leslie M. Scally, 1004 Page Street, $299,900.


George and Shirley Rennick  to The Maple Ridge Group LC, 1312 Hilltop Road, $660,000.

Opre Monticello Overlook LLC to Steven T. Abbott and Richard L. Barrick, 1604 Monticello Avenue, $175,000.

Southern Property LLC to Thomas S. and Jennifer H. Tidwell, 907 Raymond Road, Camden Place, $313,712.

Southern Homes Inc. to R. Rakove, condominium unit at 113 Melbourne Park Circle, $318,140.

Trilateral Corp. to Patricia J. Weis, 107 Chisholm Place, $143,500.

Todd W. and Suzannah L. Fischer to Harry F. and Sheila M. Holsinger, 709 Grove Avenue, $335,000.


Southern Property LLC to Daniel R. Gaddy, 131 Old Fifth Circle, Willoughby Townes, $262,900.


Jonathan Yates to Barbara Frost, 829 Ridge Street, $121,600.

Patricia J. Weis to Corbin S. Hargraves, 120 Waterbury Court, $184,300.

Premkumar Raja to Elizabeth Sutton, 253 Monte Vista Avenue, $189,500.

CCH Custom Homes Inc. to James D. Ballif, Willoughby Townes, $269,900.


Patrick B. and Suzanne E. Healy to Peter Ryan, 532 Cleveland Avenue, $58,000.

David J. and Victoria G. Veliky to EAT LLC, 112 Howard Drive, $350,000.


Southland Homes Inc. to Gilbert Boye, 111 Melbourne Park Circle, $264,950.

Mary T. Moore to Barbara H. and Montague Dixon II, 112 Dunova Court, $235,000.

Bruce and Mary Dubuque to Results Capital LLC, 821 Montrose Avenue, $111,000.

Gaynell C. Spinner to Eric Trebour, trustee, 804 Raymond Road, $137,000.


Maria M. and Peter Y. Wai to John E. Gray and Rachel A. Krause, 212 Douglas Avenue, $270,000.

Lynwood G. Napier to 205 12th Street LLC, 203 12th Street, no price given.

Ze-Mac Properties LLC to William L. Wells, 1231 Agnese Street, $305,000.

Michele Yaros to Barbara Winfrey, 106 Danbury Court, $180,000.

Viola D. Wingfield to Melvin Lee and Frances D. Morris, 1012 Ridgeley Court, $39,000.

Tara H. Hodges to Jaimee R. Reedy, 815 Orangedale Avenue, $130,000.

Matthew J. and D. Rachall Kelly to Richard B. and Brigitte T. Freeman, 714 Lyons Avenue, $650,000.

Johnny W. and Patricia S. Faulknier to Charles W. Safley and Traci M. Martin, 806 Altavista Avenue, $225,000.

Church Hill Rentals LLC to K2 Kapital LLC, 411 A&B Valley Road Extended, $179,500.


John E. and Margaret R. VanLiew to Mark Lane, 2523 Brunswick Road, $495,000.

Opre Monticello Overlook LLC to Carolyn E. Johnson, 1604 Monticello Avenue, $169,900.

Opre Monticello Overlook LLC to John D. Sweet, 1602 Monticello Avenue, $169,900.


Wesley L. and Cynthia M. Ivery to Equity Trust Co., 741 Nalle Street, $105,700


TDC LLC to Teresa D. Caddell, parcel on Avon Street, no price given.

Frederick P. and Mary B. Hitz to Rebecca A. Lilly, 207-B Second Street, McGuffey Hill condominiums, $365,000.

Holly B. and Yoav Lev to Tulsi LLC, 1859 Field Road, no price given.

Rae Development Corp. to Mark W. and Letitia H. Green, 1108 Preston Avenue, Robinson Woods, $620,000.

Lawren A. Spera to Peter R. Marks and Sarah L. Goodson, 217 9th Street NW, $255,000.

Ivan N. Ratesic to John and Monique daSilva, 118 Westwood Circle, $264,000.

Eric Riback and Bella Stander to Bruce D. and Elizabeth L. Gehle, 2504 Kerry Lane, $383,000.

William S. and Charlie J. Mallory to Breyette Lorntz, 1210 Meriwether Street, $220,000.

Donald K. and Joan B. Fry to Priscilla J. Searcy, 38 University Circle, $524,500.

Opre Monticello Overlook LLC to Christopher Campbell,  condominium unit at 1610 Monticello Avenue, $154,900.

Southern Property LLC to Frank T. Ballif, 913 Raymond Road, Camden Place subdivision, no price given.


Starr Hill Group LLC to Starr Hill Cottages LLC, parcels on 8th Street, $600,000.


Mary Jane Tolly to William W. Bailey, parcel on Cedars Court, $110,000.

Monticello Opre Overlook LLC to Sheri Dawn Baber, condominium unit at 1602 Monticello Avenue, $139,900.


Jonathan S. and Suzanne R. Berlin to Otis L. Lee Jr., 312 Azalea Drive, Azalea Gardens, $291,500.


June August to Joseph S. and Sharon G. Yackso, 1324 Oxford Place, $100,000.

June August to Joseph S. and Sharon G. Yackso, 715 Montrose Avenue, $245,000.

Viola W. Pollard and Evelyn W. Mews to Justin M. Mews, 709 Graves Street, gift.

Winston B., Linda J., and Colin Brent Davis to Colin Brent Davis and Hsin-yi Junie Chang, 2416 Sunset Road, no price given.

Richard S. Minturn and Suzanne Freeman to Robert G. Byron, 108 Cameron Lane, $672,000.

Huntley of Charlottesville to R.L. Beyer Construction Inc., two lots on Huntley Avenue, $160,000.

Hossein Haj-Hariri to Richard S. Minturn and Suzanne T. Freeman, 1816 Fendall Avenue, $445,000.

Juliet G. Davis to Jennifer B. Davis, 1210 Belleview Avenue, gift.


Eleanor W. Tremblay to Second and Wertland LLC, 423 Second Street NE and parcel at Wertland and 12th Streets, gift.

Eleanor, Wade, and Michele Tremblay to Rugby and 16th Street LLC, parcel in Westwood subdivision and parcel on 16th Street NW, gift.

Debra M. Dudley to Carter F. McNeely, 1105 Myrtle Street, $135,000.

Betty B. Garrison, trustee, to Catherine E. Garrison, 1003 6th Street SE,

Margery Ann and Henry W. Dawson Jr. to Melissa W. and Francis F. Fountain III, 343 10-1/2 Street, $172,500.

William G. Redd Jr. to Corey L. Harris, 807 Orangedale Avenue, $131,000.

James D. and John D. Gannon to John M. Payne and Sophie Lin, 1523 Rutledge Avenue, $325,000.

Big Deal


Richard S. Minturn and Suzanne Freeman to Robert G. Byron, 108 Cameron Lane, $672,000.