QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Who was your best landlord?

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Catherine Ratliff: "The one I have now, because he never comes by."


Rogers Hellman: "When I was a little kid, we had landlords who would take my brothers and me over to their house, give us homemade bread, and take us away. Once for a weekend they took us to their house on the lake fishing and swimming. It was like having another set of grandparents."


Jon Thornburg: "Halene Huff, because she took care of everything. The apartment was furnished. The rent was cheap. It's gone up $200 in the last three or four years, but at the time it was cheap. The only thing I had to pay for was my phone and cable if I wanted it."


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Ken Mori is the best landlord ever! Everyone stop what you're doing and fully realize that.