NEWS-Thrash and dash: Beating perps sport controversial attire

Following several weeks of uproar over what some called a racist dress code at a local restaurant banning white t-shirts and baggy clothes, two violent incidents around Charlottesville have drawn further attention to the controversial clothing.

On Friday night, March 30, at approximately 11pm, Hogwaller Ramblers singer Jamie Dyer had just arrived at the west end of the Mall and was walking east from Water Street to meet some friends. As he passed between the Omni and the Ice Park, Dyer says, he noticed a group of five or six teens on the Ice Park plaza to his right.

"I thought it was a bunch of kids walking down the street," he says. But he soon learned otherwise, as the group suddenly sprang toward him. He was knocked to the ground by three boys who, without a word, punched and kicked him in the head and ribs. The attack was over within seconds, and the group fled toward Water Street, leaving Dyer on the ground. He immediately reported the attack to police but could give only a limited description of his assailants: young black men in large white t-shirts and baggy jeans.

"It was a thrash and dash," says Dyer, who believes he has two cracked ribs and bruises on his head. On April 5, the Daily Progress reported another attack involving a white t-shirt clad assailant that occurred at the 7-Eleven on Hydraulic and Seminole Trail about 24 hours after the assault on Dyer. Police said that around 2:30am on Sunday, April 1, an armed assailant approached a man sitting in his truck and demanded money. The robber, wearing a "large white t-shirt," the fled in a vehicle.

Local restaurateurs believe that people wearing such clothes are likely to commit violent acts. Mike Rodi, owner of Rapture restaurant and R2 dance club, instituted a dress code three years ago banning items including baggy attire and white t-shirts after noticing people dressed in that style were involved in violent altercations.

"We've had people pull out weapons, mostly knives," said Rodi, who insisted the code was not to target blacks, but rather people of all races who "embrace this thug identity." And at Jaberwoke on the Corner, ground zero for the recent dress code hullabaloo [and subject of the Hook's March 29 cover story, "Dressing down"] co-owner Anderson McClure agreed with Rodi that it's the clothing, not the race, that presages trouble. 

McClure eventually repealed the Jaberwoke code after hundreds of UVA students joined an online "Facebook" group called "Hoos Against Jaberwoke" and both the student council and the UVA chapter of the NAACP issued resolutions condemning the code for targeting blacks.

"Never has it been proven that banning people who wear baggy jeans prevents violence anywhere," said UVA student and NAACP member Sage Garner at an open meeting held at Jaberwoke on March 21. Garner and others argued that people should not be judged based on clothing alone.

Charlottesville Police Captain Chip Harding says he knows of no "white t-shirt gang" in the city, but he confirms that white t-shirts are a popular clothing choice for some local gang members. A fashion item, he says, is no reason to pass judgment on someone.

"If you ride around this time of year, you see a lot of jeans and t-shirts," Harding says. "You can't generalize."

Dyer, still shaken and bruised by his first altercation in nearly 30 years of living in Charlottesville, recalls the fatal stomping death of a man in front of Fat City (now Bizou) in 1990.

"That's why I consider myself lucky," he says.

Jamie Dyer at the scene of his assault. "It was a sneak attack," he says.



Like to point out that this sort of violence by hoodlums goes back at least to the 70s, long before the style of dress in question existed, no hip hop culture back then. For instance, there was the home invasion and brutal assault on the parents of the late Judge Harry Michael back around 1975.And there have been countless other incidents.Focusing on how offenders are dressed misses the point-of course its likely they might go for fashionable trends(just like other kids ).
Its something the whole community needs to deal with,parents, schools,churches,police. Preventing youth from heading down a path of crime, and dealing swiftly and firmly with the hoodlum element. Lets face it, there are some who need to be locked up and the key thrown away, for the protection of society including that of their peers whom they may suck in to a life of anti-social behavior.

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Often wondered why there isn't more of a police presence on the mall late at night, particularly on weekends. Hip Hop or not, sightings of this hoodlum element loitering on the mall are anything but uncommon. Is one bicycle cop too much to ask?

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In this town of peace and liberalism, at least there are a few of us concealed-carrying Republicans keeping everyone safe. If it wasn't for us, this type of thing would happen more often. We keep the streets safe with the "you never know" factor. You just don't know who's packing heat. I'm packing and ready for the moment...the moment when its time to go to lead.
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Okay... the comment above is dumb. Good job on portraying Republicans and racist.

Also... there are biker cops on the mall every weekend and every weeknight. You can see Woody, Casson or any other one every night.

However this article proves the exact point of why there is a dress code!!! The people that cause problems tend to dress in baggy clothes and white t-shirts. (ie: Thug Attire) If they wore polka dots then I'm sure that would be the banned clothing.

When a town in Utah passed an ordinance requiring every adult to own a firearm, the crime rate fell significantly. Perhaps folks in Charlottesville should look to someone besides the police for protection and law enforcement.

Meaning that individuals have inalienable rights that are not to be superceded by the will of a majority of the people, as opposed to Democratic Values, which values the will of a majority of the people over inalienable rights. As I see it.

I love Jamie to death and have know him for over 20 years. I can't imagine that he would support some of the comments made here. Things happen - there are thugs in every community and always have been. We can't look to violence on the violation of civil liberties (because of the way they dresse or wear their hair or, hmm, the color of their skin ...) to address the problem.

Love ya Jamie!! (LLL)

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This reminds me of an event that occured recently. 15 of Charlottesville residents who make up the citys "Punk Subculture" ganged up and beat a 17 year old boy. The boy was sent to the hospital. I know about this because the boy was a friend of mine. He says that the police are on the side of the so called "punk kids." But these "punk kids" are all around the downtown area all the time and should be watched out for. This event took place right OFF the downtown mall at Robert E Lee Park... so maybe the cameras they want to put on the strip of the mall should be put all around.