MY RIDE- Adam Rhea: 1970 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

When attorney Adam Rhea was driving through the Orange County countryside to court last April, he experienced love at first sight.

"I saw a for sale sign on a 1970 VW Beetle," he recalls, "and thought, 'Are you kidding?' Not only was this the exact car I had wanted, but also the exact same color. I almost spiked the brakes."

Rhea is so well-versed in the value of used Beetles that he knew he was getting a good deal on the classic convertible.

"The last one that sold in this area went for three times as much," he says.

Rhea knew that the car of his dreams was going to be a high-maintenance companion, but he says it's a labor of love.

"The old Beetles are known to battle rust, so I have to keep up with that, but if fortune goes my way, I'll have this car forever," he says.

Adam Rhea



it´s an amazing car . my boyfriend it´s a big fan of volkswagen specialy vw beetle. congratulations you are so lucky to have one of this tresures .take care, bye!

Hot car! Wanna give that beauty to your sister??