MY RIDE- John Slough: 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

For attorney John Slough, a trip in his bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle is also a trip down memory lane. "In 1963, when I was a student in Austria, I had a yellow Beetle," he says. There's quite a difference in the new and old models, however. This is a real car, he laughs. The old one, he says, had a "lawn mower air-cooled engine in the back." 

Though the car looks small from the outside, Slough points out that the inside is spacious enough for a drivers up to 6'5". And while the trunk is small, the rear seats fold down to create plenty of storage space.

But the handling is the best part, thanks to the car's low center of gravity.

"It feels more like a European sports car," says Slough, "than a larger American car." 

John Slough