LETTER- Ditch 'Culture Vulture'

I think The Hook should take a poll to see just exactly how many people enjoy Linda Sherman's "Culture Vulture" and how many people think it's as ignorant (not to mention poorly drawn) as I do; and remove the strip if the majority of readers so choose.

I, for one, find the strip it to be juvenile, inane, and offensive. As a lifelong Nelson County resident, I've finally had enough of Sherman's mocking derision. I say fill the spot with a strip that makes sense and does not stoop to ridiculing its readership.

Linda, If you think Nelson County is so backwards, why did you make your home here?

Hook, "Culture Vulture" is a glaring black mark on your otherwise fine publication.

Michele L. Mays
Nelson County



I think this is a horrible comic and adds nothing to your paper. Dump It!

I agree. I think it perpetuates stereotypes and is shameful. Vulture is the right word for this comic.

I love Culture Vulture and the zany way Linda Sherman nails the local landscape.

Really stupid cartoon and poorly drawn too. Makes "Beetle Baily" seem like genius. I can't believe it has lasted so long.