PHOTOPHILE- Junior intrigue: Once homeless, columnist tells all

Who knew ladies who lunch could invite such a wild one? Jeannette Walls, MSNBC's gossip columnist, regaled the Junior League Thursday, March 1, at Farmington Country Club. But Walls' upbringing, the subject of her autobiography, was no country club affair.

Walls' 2005 memoir, The Glass Castle, tells of four siblings growing up with parents who seemed themselves to need better parenting: an alcoholic father and an occasionally homeless mother. Now living in Culpeper and New York, Walls says she used to eat out of trash cans.

Despite tickets ranging from $85 to $125, the oversold dinner event was 304 people strong and included a silent auction for such goodies as a $500 certificate from Chick-fil-A and a french coffee press.

The League's third annual "Literary Feast," this event is just part of what has allowed this women's group to give more than $130,000 in community grants to more than 50 local groups.

The League's 2006-2007 community partners are The Boys and Girls Club, Charlottesville Area Dental Access, "I Have a Dream" Foundation, and the Sexual Assault Resource Agency.

Lauren Moore, Michael Moore, Caroline Eachus, Chrissie Shirley

Brian McCauley and Fundraising committee member Ronda Rennick

Maria Carlton and Chris Eure

Danyelle and Scott Collins

AHS sophomore pianist Amy Pugh

Jewelry designer Erin McDermott and Meg Runion