LETTER- Put brakes on auto worship

I find it just a little bit ironic that you ran a cover story [February 22: "Do we desire a streetcar?"] on the possible future of a downtown streetcar in which the author repeatedly mentions the problems this country faces with its obsession (addiction) with the private automobile, and in which he discusses the numerous statistics linking declining quality of life (decaying downtowns, environmental degradation, global warming) to the dominance of the car.

Yet in this same magazine you regularly run a column called "My Ride," which is devoted to letting "joe and jane everybody" talk about how much they love their car, replete with photos of said owner in said object of affection. And in this same magazine you make a point of asking your subjects in the column "HotSeat" what kind of car they drive.

I realize Charlottesville is not Manhattan, and people here seem to really love their "rides," but perhaps you might consider toning down the car worship in your magazine. 

For someone like me who does not own a car, it's just a little depressing to see a cover story on how we need to get more people out of their cars, while having you send people the message that you love their cars almost as much as they do.

My 2 cents.

James RichardsonCharlottesville



I hate cold weather!

Just think....if we get rid of all those miserable little shitbox hybrids and replace them all with proper 500 HP BMW's, Benzes, and Boss Hogg Cadillacs, we can ride in style and warm up the planet.

James makes a good point. Of course, people could answer that their ride is a bicycle, or their own two feet, or the promising but unreliable trolley bus.
Also, Mr. or Ms. Bum: buy a sweater. Long johns, a scarf, a nice coat. Winter is a fashion opportunity! If money's an issue, get 'em second hand or watch freecycle and craigslist for free or cheap as free posts. Remember: fashion first, climate change last.