MY RIDE- Helen Dempsey: 1997 Saturn Sedan

New mom Helen Dempsey reluctantly purchased her 1997 Saturn Sedan four months ago because it's "child friendly."

"I used to drive a pick-up truck, but a baby seat doesn't fit," she says.

One person who might appreciate the new wheels is her son David, who was born on New Year's Eve. Dempsey says she and David often take the car on the hour-long drive to her parents' house in Nelson County.

The only downside? 

"I was madly in love with my pickup truck," Dempsey says of the black Chevy S10 she drove for three years.

One feature she enjoys about the hunter green sedan is the ceiling. "It's all cut up," she says. "I like to pretend there was a mafia knife fight in my car."

An added bonus: Dempsey purchased the car for $200 less than the asking price. "I've never been able to haggle before in my life," she gloats. 


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