PHOTOPHILE- Getting personal: Holiday visitors meet a 'President'

Monday was Presidents Day, and at Ash Lawn Highland, people came from all over to visit President James Monroe (Dennis Bigelow) and tour his home. About 120 people of various ages came for a personal introduction to the man and life in the 1800s.  Although it was a bit brisk outside, the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous day to visit the home of our fifth president.

President James Monroe (Dennis Bigelow) prepares to welcome his guests.

E.T. Pedersen and Kirsten Fosdal from Alexandria listen attentively to "President Monroe"

Richmonders Craig Coffey and sons, Davis and Sy, enjoy the President's stories

Kent Diduch from Staunton

The Diduch girls learn about 1800s cooking techniques.


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The picture of the three Richmonders isn't coming through but all the rest are -- can it be reloaded on your end?


ps) We had a chance to chat with the photographer -- really nice guy!