MY RIDE- Hillary Mason: 2000 Ford 500

There's a long tradtion of cars with names– "Herbie," "Kit," or "Christine," anyone? Hillary Mason says her car, a white Ford 500, had too much personality to go without a moniker for long.

"I named it Marianne after a family friend who passed away," she says. "The way the car is gracefully shaped and the way it sounds reminds me of her," she says of the friend. "She was so beautiful– such a lady."

Mason, a 2005 graduate of Monticello High School, got the car in 2004 just in time for her senior year as a way to get back and forth to school. "My parents wanted to upgrade," she says. Two years after her graduation– and now studying to be a cosmetologist at CATEC– she's still loving her ride, which is "so comfortable," she says. "It's a little difficult to park sometimes, but I love it." 


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