QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Do schools close too quickly for weather?

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Peter Sheras:""I'm from Chicago originally, so I'm used to cold weather, and our schools never closed. But, then again, we didn't have transportation issues. I think the reason to close the schools sometimes is buses. We don't think, in the city, what it's like farther out for the bus drivers. So you have to protect the kids. That's the foremost duty. Having said all that, I still think we tend to close too early before we see what's really going to happen.""


Jack McMillan:"It's better to be safe on that end, which is always interesting, because when it goes two days in a row, pretty soon you'll be going to school that third day even though it's just like the day before. There's maybe a make-up thing there, but maybe they're aware with the safety factors involved."


Steve Murphy:"I used to say, 'Save me,' but now I say, 'Save the children,' and I wish they would do it at work– close all the time."