NEWS- Robb bows out: Declines to endorse Harding

Sheriff Ed Robb, surrounded by deputies, gave thanks to his god, family, and community, listed his career accomplishments and then announced he would not seek re-election– all without endorsing fellow Republican, Charlottesville police Captain Chip Harding, for the job.

Harding was in the small crowd outside the Albemarle County Courthouse February 12, and slipped away after Robb's remarks. 

The next day, Harding announced his own bid for Albemarle sheriff at a press conference surrounded by local law enforcement chiefs past and present– except for Robb. 

Former Albemarle sheriffs George Bailey and Terry Hawkins joined Charlottesville police Chief Tim Longo and former chief Deke Bowen as Harding announced his run at the County Office Building. City Councilor Dave Norris was on hand, as was Barry McClaine, a candidate for sheriff four years ago.

Though running as a Republican, Harding– who has made national headlines by urging legislatures to create DNA databanks– vowed that he didn't see the position as political, and the presence of Democrat Norris supported his claim that he had the backing of citizens from both parties.

Albemarle police investigator Larry Claytor also has announced his candidacy for sheriff and will be running as a Democrat after earlier unsuccessful runs as a Republican and independent. 

"I'm going to look at all the candidates," said Robb, 69. 

A former FBI special agent, Robb worked as a Mafia infiltrator in Florida in the '70s and '80s, and chronicled his adventures in a book, Friend of the Family. He also served as state senator. Robb took office as sheriff in 2000. 

"I am planning to climb another mountain," said Robb. "I'm just haven't picked it out yet." 

Sheriff Ed Robb announces that he won't seek re-election, and he refuses to endorse fellow Republican Chip Harding for the job.

Charlottesville Police Captain Chip Harding had said he wouldn't run if Robb planned to run again.

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We are life-time residents of Albemarle County & the City of Charlottesville. First we would like to say Thanks to Chip Harding for all he has done for this town & also to say he has our two votes!!
Even though Mr. Harding is our choice & Has been from the beginning, we feel Sheriff Robb by endorseing "Chip" has really made a very bad statement to his own men. We realize this was done because of "PARTY" but where is the appreciation for all Officers who have served and been dedicated to Sheriff Robb? I hope ALL the officers stand up and let Robb know how they feel.

This is just our view....

GO CHIP!!!!!!!!!