CORRECTIONS- Burchett misspelled, missing photo credit, solid waste, and Goode's challenge

In last week's Hot Seat on Jeremy Settle, the name of Newsplex general manager Roger Burchett was misspelled. 

A photo credit was missing in the February 8 cover story, "(Re)Cycle of life– We want to believe." The photo of bottles piled at the Ivy Landfill was taken by Nathan West.

And in the same story, the correct initials for the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority are RSWA–  not those of its sister organization, Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority.

Finally, in the February 8 story "Race is on: Two Dems vie to beat Goode," we stated Brydon Jackson would be the first Southside Democrat to run against Virgil Goode. However, in 2000, when Goode was an Independent, Mecklenberg Dem and tobacco farmer John Boyd challenged him, winning 31 percent of the vote to Goode's 67 percent.