PHOTOPHILE- Hoppin' happenin': Beetnix shoot a vid

After a hiatus of over a year, the Charlottesville based hip-hop group The Beetnix came together to record a music video, Let's Go, for their upcoming album (not yet titled). The group features Damani Harrison, Waterloo, and Anonamys. In the group's downtime, Harrison worked closely with the Music Resource Center, while Waterloo and Anonamys worked on their respective solo albums: Cherry Blossoms and Gunpowder and The Interview. 

The Beetnix present their new songs at Starr Hill Friday, February 23.

Zocalo on the Downtown Mall was hopping Monday, January 28, for the filming. Hot lights and soft boxes filled the closed restaurant to provide (h)optimum conditions for the movie cameras on tracks and booms. Mock-tails helped director Eric Hurt create exactly the scene he wanted, right down to what kind of fake frosty beverage each person had in hand.  

After each scene Hurt yelled, "Roll playback"– to get the music pumping– "...and action!"

(from left)Damani, Anonamys, and Waterloo look to the ceiling for inspiration.

Manager Chas Webster (left), and production assistant Rom Alejandro

Rhettoric (left) and Bovay

Todd Free, director Eric Hurt, and Han West

The Beetnix

Julie Stoessel (right) and Ike

Shannon McAlpine and Clinton Showalter enjoy mocktails



Are these guys wishing to fail???! Chas Webster is their manager!! Haha! He's a derelict and completely dishonest...not to mention incompetent! Good luck with that guys!

just kiddin bout that last comment..he's alright..sometimes

sorry i couldn't be there y'all. my helicopter ran out of gas [again](!)...spent all my unemployment $$$ on the freshest new era caps in town. can't wait for the next beetnix music!