WEDDING- Getting hitched: The annual wedding issue

Wedding rings are like diplomas, for no one can argue there's a lot of education that goes into preparing for and then living through The Big Day. 

As can be seen in the pages of this year's "Getting Hitched," not only do spouses-to-be learn about each other (like how she might be absent-minded enough to forget to take her bouquet down the aisle or how much his friends really like Bon Jovi) but there are also lessons in everything from music (listen to the lyrics of a first dance song to check for curse words), to zoology (too many foggers at an outdoor wedding means dinner comes with a dead insect garnish). There might even be an impromptu lecture on thermo-nuclear engineering (that is, if the father of the bride does that sort of thing for a living). 

 And just as with graduation day, a wedding marks the commencement of a new chapter in life. So go forth, seize the day, and check out all the ways Charlottesvillians celebrate their special day.