MY RIDE- Nik Sweger: 1993 Geo Tracker

When Pfc. Nik Sweger finds himself on assignment with the Army in Germany, he jaunts around in his new 2006 Honda Civic, but when he's stateside, it's all about the Geo Tracker.

"I got it in May 2005," says 19-year-old Sweger, who's been in the Army for about a year and a half and says he "loves it." 

While Sweger's away, he keeps the Tracker at his parents' place, but when he's home he's all over town.

Among the Tracker's recent holiday duties: carrying Sweger, his buddies, and a bunch of bikes to the skatepark on McIntire Road, where they rode the ramps.

"I really like it," he says proudly of his bright blue, stylin' mini-SUV.


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Nick, first things first, thank you for giving all your God-given talents in support of our nation's continuing struggle for liberty. God Bless.