MY RIDE- Dave Richardson: 1987 Ford Bronco II

In 1992, Dave Richardson was a UVA undergraduate looking for a vehicle that would allow him to cart belongings into the hinterlands for pleasure or for work. Fifteen years later, he's still a student– and he still drives his '87 Ford Bronco to conduct fieldwork for his studies as a graduate student in ecology and forestry.

When he purchased the truck, it had less than 50,000 miles; now it has 185,000. But he's nowhere near ready to trade it in. 

"It runs really well," says Richardson, explaining that he's taken it across some pretty rough terrain.

"I forded a couple of creeks I shouldn't have," he laughs, "but I was able to get out, no problem."


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Awesome ride, dude! Ford Rules! :) I had a Bronco when I was a teenager. She was a mighty fine girl. She'd only average 10 miles to the gallon but the fun I had in her was more than adequate as a pay-off for the sacrifices I made for that. My parents bought her for me for my 16th birthday and said "Corey, running down this road that we call life is what we're doing." And on that note I appreciate what you're doing, Dave.