MY RIDE- Bertha Jones: 2001 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition

When you find something good, stick with it, says Bertha Jones, who owned a green Ford Explorer for years before purchasing the blue special-edition Explorer she currently drives.

"I've had it about three years," she says. "I like it because it's high up, and it's safe. It's a nice-riding truck."

The SUV she purchased from the Richmond CarMax has other features that make driving fun: automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. "It's good in the snow," Jones says.

And it has buttons on the driver's door that allow her a keyless entry.

"If I ever lock myself out," she says, "I have the code. I like that feature a lot."


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Howdy Bertha. Nice Ride! :D I've never had an Explorer, but I do love Ford! Also, your Explorer reminds me of a 14 wheeler I drove in the late 70s. Her name was Melinda and we traveled down every road from Kennebunkport to Baja Frio and carried everything from place mats to top hats. She ran mighty fine, in fact, one time I was at a truck stop and I saw my friend Bill, Bill was this really tall dude who liked to play Ronnie Earle on his CB radio and make manly jokes about leggy women. Anyway, I digress. Bill also shipped top hats and place mats but he usually did different routes so we didn't see each other much. But yeah, your Ford definitely reminds me of Bill. Or Billy as we called him. 10-4, Bertha, 10-4.