LETTER- Police actions break several laws

It's troubling that many folks in this community actually believe a dog can be a police officer. A dog obviously cannot take an oath to support the United States Constituion, as a police officer or deputy in the United States is required by Article VI of the U.S. Constitution to do before being issued a badge. Therefore, a dog can have no legitimate authority to pursue any criminal suspect as an officer of the law ["Riddled: What happens after police shootings?" November 30].

Any police officer or department that sends a vicious animal after a criminal suspect deserves to be criminally charged, at the very least, with failing to control a vicious animal. 

        I find it outrageous that Walton Middle School effectively made prisoners out of innocent persons by locking down the school. No matter what their motives were, there is no excuse for turning a school into a prison, temporarily or otherwise. This should never be allowed to happen again.

        If it is true that Elvis Shifflett was indeed hit by an M16 bullet, the officer responsible for firing the weapon, as well as the department responsible for issuing the weapon, should be put on trial for violating the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 (U.S.C. 18 Section 1385) which prohibits "any part of the army" from being used to enforce the law in the United States. Military weapons such as M16s are indeed "part of the army." (And contrary to the report, M16 rifles have both semi- and fully-automatic capabilities, firing up to 950 rounds per minute.)

Officer Andy Gluba's callous attitude towards the man he shot and paralyzed, whether justifiably or not, is outrageous. I think he should be fired at once and barred from ever serving as a law enforcement officer in the future. 

Finally, it is not a crime to possess a firearm in the United States. This was firmly established 215 years ago in something called "The Bill Of Rights." The judge responsible for sentencing Robert Lee Cooke to five years in prison for exercising his Second Amendment rights should himself be sentenced to five years in prison.

John Giuliano



Tell it to them like it is. The self righteous gestapo pigs in this town are out of control. No accountability and free reign to maim, kill, and abuse citizens with totally disregard to what few "rights" we used to have. The police in this town are, with very few exceptions, a complete disgrace.

Giuliano's opinion about the use of police K-9's is an interesting stance. I disagree with his feelings on Walton being locked down though. Mr. Shifflett's prior actions cause one to beleive that he is capable of harm. I feel that the school made the correct choice; after all what if Shifflett had gone to the school to see his children? Surely the police would have been called; he was wanted at the time, and then what? Perhaps a standoff inside the school involving lots of other children?? That seems like a good situation to avoid. In reference to anyone violating the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, I think that is a stretch. The fact that the M16 is used as a tool in the military, does not make it part of the army. Law enforcement agencies are permitted to purchase M16s just as you an I are. That being the case I'm sure there's plenty of argument that the M16 that may have been used belonged to the police department and not the army. My last point, is that while Mr. cooke was not violating the law by carrying a firearm, he certainly was breaking the law by attempted B&E; which is against the law, and if you're carrying a firearm while doing it, is also against the law. Perhaps Gluba doesn't have a peachy attitude towards Cooke; but then again I wouldn't either having been shot at.

Be carefull Mr. G the FBI may want to talk to you with comments like that.

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OK, then. One more Nut Job to put on my list of people not to invite over for dinner.

Regarding police dogs... I think if you are going to treat a police dog as a "cop" for purposes of prosecuting an individual for killing a police officer. Then you should also revise the animal cruelty laws that treat companion animals as "property" when an individual's pet is killed because of the willful malice of another. A police dog is no more a police officer than a the officer's police car, handcuffs or weapon is. A police dog- is an expensive piece of law enforcement equipment that, like a gun or tazer which is aimed and fired, is utilized by the officer handling the K-9.