MY RIDE- Carolyn Rose: 2005 Chevy Suburban LT

Little hybrids may be all the rage, but Carolyn Hope says her Chevy Suburban suits her just fine.

"We love it because when we travel we bring everyone with us," she says. With seating for eight and plenty of cargo room in the back, "It's perfect for our family," says Rose, who frequently transports her husband and daughter as well as her two sisters' families.

While SUVs aren't known for fuel efficiency, Rose says the Suburban– which she bought used last year with 15,000 miles on it– does better than some similar-sized rides.

"On the highway, we get 19.6 miles per gallon," she says. Leather interior, rear bucket seats, and a DVD player make trips even more luxurious.

"We feel guilty sometimes," says Rose, "but we need it." What drives you? Call 295-8700 ext. 239, then pull up in front of Hook headquarters at 100 Second St. NW, and tell us why you love your ride. Each week's featured driver will receive a free car wash courtesy of H&H Quality Car Care.