4BETTER OR WORSE- The week in review

Best reason to take a deep breath: The Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority will stop composting human waste at its Moores Creek facility February 1 after years of complaints about the stench from Woolen Mills and Belmont residents, according to John Yellig in the Daily Progress. The biosolids will be trucked to an composting facility in Richmond.

Latest Philip Zelikow career move: The former Miller Center director, who took a position as adviser to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in early 2005, will resign at the end of this year and return to UVA.

Best chance for minimum wage earners to get a raise: Delegate David Toscano is heading to Richmond with another minimum wage bill that would boost state pay to $6.25 an hour in 2007 and to $7.25 in 2008, Bob Gibson reports in the Progress. A similar bill died in committee at this year's General Assembly.

Best women-behind-bars study: UVA Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy prof Janet Warren studies prison sex, and notes in a Richmond Times-Dispatch report that desire doesn't stop behind bars: two female former Augusta Correctional Center guards were indicted last month on charges of carnal knowledge of inmates. 

Worst stabbings: Michael Everette Jackson, 31, is charged with cutting his former girlfriend with a pair of scissors early November 25 outside her Valley Road home. And Marc Carson is wanted for allegedly stabbing a man over a cell phone November 24, according to the DP. 

Worst dress code enforcement: Richbrau Brewing in Richmond refuses to admit Hansdip Singh Bindra, 37, a Sikh and a software executive, unless he removes his turban, a religious symbol for Sikhs, November 24. 

Worst news for irresponsible dog owners: Virginia is starting a state registry for dangerous dogs and the people who own them, modeled on the state's sex offender registry. The Times-Dispatch has the story.

Best time to go to Monticello: Before January 1, when rising operating costs and declining attendance will result in a $1 increase in admission to $15 for adults. Adult admission prices last increased in 2005.

Best time to avoid Pantops: A water main breaks on River Road November 22, closing that street, Long Street, and Belleview Avenue on the busy day before Thanksgiving.

Biggest weight gain: VDOT okays Proffit Bridge to handle 16 tons, up from a 12-ton limit when it reopened in September, Yellig reports in the Progress. The higher limit will allow previously off-limits heavy fire engines to cross the bridge. 

Weightiest word choice: NBC explains why it will now call the war in Iraq a "civil war," despite White House objections.

Worst loss for the Hook: James "Moe" Mosher, who'd delivered the paper since its founding year, dies November 22 at age 57.

Worst loss for Wahoos: Virginia Tech kicks UVA derriere 17-0 November 25 in Blacksburg, dashing 'Hoo hopes for a bowl bid.

Best news for Paris Hilton fans: Tabloid Fantasy League, much like sports fantasy leagues, allows celeb watchers to manage their dream teams and pick who will be on the covers each week of People, In Touch, Us Weekly, and the Star.

Best chance to see Shawn Decker in bed: The AIDS activist/My Pet Virus author and his wife Gwenn stage a December 1 "Bed In for World AIDS Day" in the window of Kenneth Cole in Grand Central Station.

Biggest grossing tour ever: Since fall 2005, the Rolling Stones' Bigger Bang tour, which included a performance in Charlottesville, has pulled in $437 million and 3.5 million people to 110 shows, CNN reports.