Property transfers



JoAnn P. and William J. Brady to Puran and Leloutie Deonarain, 0.059 acres at 1435 Ashland Drive, Forest Lakes South Townhouses, $285,000.

Anne M. and Anders E. L. Walker to Ann M. Hurt, 18.867 acres at 5820 Plank Road, $1,200,000.

Gaffney MM LLC to Charles M. Pence, 1617 Old Trail Drive, Ballard Field, Old Traill, Crozet, $424,050.

John J. Chavan to Mayin Wong, 1043 Towne Lane, Village Square, $245,000.

Helen C. Hamshar to Cheryl M. Lacsamana, 2325 Commonwealth Drive, Wynridge, $202,000.

Page Rinehart Flannery and Robert H. Rinehart to Robert H. Rinehart, 8.39 acres at 1283 Tilman Road, $164,620.

Hollymead Square LLC to Jeanne S. Marin, 1836 Charles Court, Hollymead Square Townhouse condominiums, $179,900.

William L. and Linda W. Rudd to Yale and Lidia Penzell, 0.237 acres at 3150 Mollifield Lane, Ridgefield, $320,000.

Sylvia M. Fibel to Kitty W. Fryer, 1107 Mill Park Drive, Brookmill condominiums, $236,000.

John M. Jarrell to Michael T. Jarrell, 4.25 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $12,000.

Chad Alan Gibbs to William and Beverly Moehle, 128 Quince Lane, Willoughby, $192,000.

Cheetah Property Owner LLC to Peter J. Bower, three units in Barracks West condominiums, $394,700.

Drew A. and Alexandra Swank to Robert P. and Susan H. Wilder, 0.9323 acres at 2534 Holkham Drive, Lewis Hills, $527,000.

Charles E. and Melody D. Swartz to T. Michael and Kim F. Umstadter, 0.930 acres at 3089 Morgantown Road, $358,000.


Ronald A. and Carol Sue Moses to Helen D. Crabtree, 2.10 acres on State Route 664, 7105 Markwood Road, Earlysville, gift.

MGR Development Corp. to Gary W. and Barbara L. Lyons, 0.563 acres at 6635 Woodbourne Lane, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $789,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Eric and Barbara Goodman, 0.477 acres at 1424 Sunderland Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, $757,212.

Louise Chapman and Beatrice Jackson to Phyllis M. Hopkins, 10 acres in Rivanna Magisterial District, gift.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to William I. and Linda W. Rudd, 4.715 acres at 5050 Meadowlark Court, Foxwood Forest, $637,735.

Eve T. Giannetta to Vickie A. Walls, 4687 Oriole Court, Briarwood, $226,450.

Basil and Tahereh B. Shah to Jeremy and Amy Jordan, 1015 Stonewood Drive, Stonewood, $325,000.

Cheetah Property Owner LLC to Burnley M. Cook, unit in Barracks West condominiums, $174,653.

Martha Mustain to Barney R. and Katherine C. Groves, 2.137 acres at 10900 Howardsville Lane, $61,000.

William M. and Sarah G. Fornadel to Terry L. and Denise G. Pemberton, 1.025 acres at 3361 Carroll Creek Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $950,000.

Scottie Lee Tate to Evergreen Builders LLC, 5.679 acres in Scottsville Magisterial District, $80,000.

Albemarle Housing Improvement Project to Kevin E. Poindexter, 2.946 acres at 7083 Porters Road, $62,000.

Charles A. and Betty Jo McDonald to Thaddeus J. and Stephanie Layton, 1448 Minor Ridge Court, Minor Townhouses, $209,000.

MGR Development Corp. to William M. and Sarah G. Fornadel, 0.197 acres at 5047 Brookview Road, Old Trail, $548,930.


Cawood B. and Eugene P. Fitzhugh Jr. to J. Haywood and Joanne T. Blakemore, 0.353 acres at 2646 Kendalwood Lane, Forest Lakes South, $495,000.

Brent and Megan Bogart to J. Haywood and Joanne T. Blakemore, 0.202 acress at 844 Swan Ridge Road, Redfields, $350,000.

Ronald M. and Wendy Ann Huber to Cawood B. Fitzhugh, 0.265 acres at 1751 Jumpers Run, Forest Lakes, $640,000.

Ann Marie Lubert to Ronald M. and Wendy Ann Huber, 0.326 acres at 3166 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $640,000.

Larisa V. Gubareva to William and Sheila Baldt, 0.204 acres at 990 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $263,500.

Temperance D. and Karen T. Hutter to Michael S. Paschall, 0.332 acres in Foxcroft, $87,000.

Beekman D. and Terri M. Beavers to  Terri M. Beavers, 6.870 acres at 937 Tilman Road, gift.

Joan E. Crawford to Wade L. Crawford, 0.063 acres at 3021 Proffit Road, gift.

Cheetah Property Owner LLC to Jimmy W. and Carol L. Downing, unit 10 in Building 2693 Barracks West condominiums, $129,900.

Robert C. and Elizabeth H. Beverly to George M. and Tracey R. Hoke, 0.331 acres at 960 Charter Oaks Drive, Dunlora, $549,000.

Sara W. Anderson to Ray G. and Beverly B. VanAusdal, 0.324 acres at 626 Nettle Court, Redfields, $385,000.


Cheetah Property Owner LLC to Allison L. Rodriguez, two units in Barracks Road West condominiums, $279,800.

Kenneth L. and Kathryn M. Baranowski to Thomas A. and Melanie L. Ebert, 0.079 acres at 2368 Whitney Court, Briarwood, $214,900.

Hollymead Square LLC to Lawrence E. and Bonita M. Howard, unit in Hollymead Square townhouses, 2706 Gatewood Çircle, $170,000.

Octopus Property LLC to Mehdi Fateh, unit in Riverbend condominiums, $179,450.

Gaffney MM LLC to Todd A. and Gudrun C. Reeder, trustees, unit in Ballard Field Townhouses, Old Trail, $393,900.

Michael K. Nichols to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, three parcels, gift.

Paul J. and Nanette R. Herbst to Robert L. and Sarah K. Wise, 1725 Old Forge Road, Hessian Hill, $640,000.

Fred S. and Catherine L. Landess to John D. and Ilse C. Hendrix, 0.307 acres at 515 Wiley Drive, Ednam Forest, $775,000.

Cheetah Property Owner LLC to Richard S. and Michael R. Parodi, unit in Barracks West condominiums, $179,900.

Redlands LLC to Russel W.H. Kridel, 8112 West End Drive, Ballard Field, Old Trail, $325,500.

Mountainwood Associates LLC to Sean M. Jones Quaidoo, condominium unit in Villas at Southern Ridge, 745 Mountainwood Road, $169,950.

Elizabeth B. Small to Kenneth C. Lichtendahl Jr., 1225 Maple View Drive, Willow Lake, $309,900.

Big Deal


Anne M. and Anders E. L. Walker to Ann M. Hurt, 18.867 acres at 5820 Plank Road, $1,200,000.