MY RIDE- Edgar Martin 1995 GMC Jimmy

Edgar Martin has two cars, this emerald green Jimmy and a BMW 740i. Both are nice, but when he has a job to do, Martin says the Jimmy fills the bill.

"It's just what you need when you need to do what it does," says the 51-year-old owner of Reflections Salon on the Downtown Mall.

But why does the owner of a beauty salon need a rugged four-wheel-drive truck?

"It's my work vehicle, and I haul all sorts of stuff in it," Martin says enigmatically. "It gets great mileage and it's good in the snow."

Who could ask for more?

"I call it my SUV pickup," he laughs.

Any interest in trading it for a new model?

"Why would I do that?" Martin says. "I've had it 10 years. It's just a great car."

Sounds like a permanent relationship.


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