4BETTER OR WORSE- The week in review

Better late than never: On the eve of the November 7 election, City Council unanimously passes a resolution opposing the marriage amendment and urging voters to just say no.

Worst programmer gaffe: UVA's Student Financial Services sends out 632 emails containing student Social Security numbers to the wrong students October 31, according to a Cavalier Daily report.

Worst spate of gunfire: Trigger-happy gunmen (or gunwomen) hit two houses within an hour on Bailey and Briarcliff roads early November 4. Another round of gunfire around 7:30pm November 5 hits two houses on Bolling Avenue. 

Latest in the eight-years-for-a-minor-offense case: George and Elisa Robinson, now divorced, go the Virginia Supreme Court to appeal their convictions for serving booze to minors at their son's 16th birthday in 2002. The charges first netted them eight-year sentences, later reduced to 27 months. Their lawyers argued November 2 that the police search of their yard was illegal. A decision is expected January 12, the AP reports.

Worst case of law and order: Henry County in economically hard-hit Southside reels from the November 2 indictments of Sheriff H. Franklin Cassell and 12 current and former deputies for selling the drugs seized in busts over the past eight years, money laundering, and obstruction of justice. 

Most A-OK: The city of Charlottesville holds on to its Standard & Poor and Moody's Investors' Services AAA rating.

Most controversial library: The Albemarle Board of Supervisors choose a downtown site for the new Crozet library instead of the old elementary school outside of town, Jeremy Borden reports in the Daily Progress.

Best verdict for notebook snatcher: Tina Bickley is acquitted on appeal October 31 of assaulting News Virginian reporter Michael Owens last April. Bickley says she struggled with Owens for his notebook when he interviewed her following her attack on the Waynesboro city manager and director of human resources, for which she served five days in jail, but she denies intentionally laying a hand on Owens, the News Virginian reports.

Worst verdict for Saddam Hussein: The former Iraqi dictator is sentenced November 5 to death by hanging.

Worst night for pedophiles: The Virginia Department of Corrections implements Operation Trick No Treat on October 31 and supervises known sex offenders, requiring them to attend mandatory meetings or remain at home with the lights out and not answer the door during the hours children were likely to be trick or treating. 

Most 'sexist' ticket pricing: UVA men's basketball season tickets command $385 each, while UVA women's season tickets can be had for a paltry $80.

Most 'sexist' disease: More women are getting mumps in the current outbreak– 28 of 31 cases at UVA, and Student Health head Dr. James C. Turner speculates that may be the result of excessive cuddling among first-years, according to Aaron Kessler in the DP.

Best get for the BBC: Prof and pundit Larry Sabato  provides commentary on the midterm elections November 7 to an international audience. 

Best room and board: AAA bestows four out of five diamonds upon Keswick Hall, Boar's Head Inn, and the Omni as well as on the Old Mill Room at Boar's Head and Fossett's at Keswick. Keswick Hall also makes Conde Nast Traveler magazine's top-100 best places to stay.

Most historical teen: Albemarle High student Caitlyn Suhler represents Virginia in a national "Jamestown Live" webcast November 9 from 1 to 2pm in celebration of Jamestown's 400th anniversary.

Worst loss to taste arbitration: TheCoolHoney.com, aka Anne Metz, quits her blog 10 months after launching the fashionista's guide to life in Charlottesville and beyond.