MY RIDE- Doug Smith: 1995 Ford P-1000

The boxy brown UPS truck is a fixture on Downtown streets, and driver Doug Smith is naturally just as ubiquitous.

The always-cheerful 33-year-old Smith says he loves his job– every weekend off– and the truck is surprisingly easy to maneuver. His company sees to the maintenance, so that's no worry either.

Who's the most interesting person he's met on his rounds? "Everybody's interesting; that's what's so great," says the ever-affable Smith.

What's the best thing about his job? "People are always happy to see me," he says. "They know they're getting a package!"

No downside at all? There we had him.

"The Downtown Mall is ridiculous," he concedes, "the whole situation– parking, narrow streets..."

But back to a happier note, he sums up his truck's appeal: "I like it just because it's brown."


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