FILM- Moseley on down: Actor brings <i>Narnia </i>to town

There was a time when William Moseley was but a fan of C.S. Lewis' classic novel, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. 

"My mind was spinning with these stories," he recalls. "It's everything a child wants to hear about: valiant children doing something brave and honorable and good." 

Never did the boy dream that he would end up in these very same "spinning stories." No, he never discovered a magic wardrobe, but two years ago the English teen became the regal Peter Pevensie, a.k.a. Sir Peter Wolfsbane, Knight of Narnia– and King Peter the Magnificent in the Disney adaptation of the novel.

Of course, the reality of making the movie was not nearly so magical as the fantasyland Lewis described. While filming Disney's epic, Moseley spent lots of time reacting to nonexistent computer-generated beavers, wolves, centaurs, and, naturally, a certain lion. But he says he was undaunted by the process. 

"You just be the character, you use your imagination," he says. "When you imagine Aslan [the story's benevolent lion], you just see some highly individual perception– I saw a majestic creature. I enjoyed being able to create my own Aslan instead of someone else putting it there in front of me." 

The finished film delighted Moseley, who turned 19 in April. "We all had very high expectations," he says, "and it actually went beyond them." 

Moseley credits the film's success to director Andrew Adamson's adherence to his artistic vision. "We're so lucky that we had someone who said what he wanted, did what he wanted, and didn't let anyone push him around," Moseley says. "He's so quiet, yet he's so strong"

  A sequel, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, is in the works, but its producers are keeping details under wraps. "We're going to shoot in January, and that's going ahead," Moseley says, and shooting is slated to continue through the summer. "I haven't seen a completed script yet," he says. "They're keeping it really hush-hush. Whether it's even finished, I don't know." 

After achieving notoriety as The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe's valiant hero, Moseley says that much as he enjoyed his heroic role, he hopes to play more morally ambiguous characters in the future.

"I'm kind of a nice person, in some ways– I don't like to do nasty things, I don't like being that rebellious," he says. "But when you get to act, you can be completely opposite to who you are. And sometimes when you're so opposite, you can almost play it more truthfully, because you relish being able to do that."

Still wearing the white hat, William Moseley hosts a screening of The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at the Regal Downtown Mall theater on Saturday October 28 at 10am.

William Moseley plays Peter Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.



what a wonderful article, thank you!

Was that last year or is he going to be here this year?

i am so excited to hear more news about wiliam moseley!!!!! he is my favorite actor and one day im going to marry him :) no, im not kidding! i love him! truly i do! cheers for the article! georgia

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love georgia

dear william moseley,
i am going to marry you
love georgia

Awesome article!!!!! thanks!!!!! can't wait 2 see him in priince caspian!!!!

That was an interesting article.

While it can be fun to play other roles that portray bad people, Jesus says in the Bible that no one is good or "nice", except God alone. The truth is that all humans are wicked sinners: "For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God" Romans 6:23. While none of us will ever be good on our own, Jesus Christ, God's only Son came to earth in human form, all God and all man over 2,000 years ago. Being conceived by the Holy Spirit, the third Being of the Trinity, He was born of the virgin Mary of Israel, lived a perfect life though tempted in every way, and taught all men that He was the only way to God and heaven, as John 14:6 says: "I am the Way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." Though He lived a servant's life, traveling through all of Israel, healing the sick, raising the dead, and being perfect in every way, the Jews put Him to death on a cross; but three days later He rose from the grave!

I have to finish this later! Bye for now!

lay off geogia

hello !
je suis française et je comprends rien de l'article !!!! Si y'a une française ou un français qui traine traduisez-moi !!!!! please !!! lol
William je t'aime je t'aime et je t'aimerai for ever !!!!! kiss smack bisouxx a+

I agree with what Amy says; William Moseley is a pretty cool actor, but he's still a sinner like the rest of us. I love Narnia because a lot of things, but the thing which drew me to it was its allegorical resemblence to the Gospel. William Moseley played one of my favorite parts: the role of Peter Pevensie. In the books, Peter was the leader of the four Pevensies, and he was very strong and courageous like the Bible tells us to be (Joshua 1:5-9), but it was always Aslan (who resembles Jesus Christ)who led Peter. William did a very good job playing Peter (I don't know who could have done a better job) but he's not perfect. The only way to be perfect is to be purified by the Holy Spirit, which happens once we are saved. "If you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be saved..." (Acts 16:31) I urge you, put your trust in God alone! He is the only one who can save you from dying an eternal death. I know this isn't nearly enough explanation, but if you are interested in what I have to say, check out these verses: I Corinthians 15:3&4, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 5:8, John 3:16, and Acts 16:31.

i want see narnia two now

love u a lot...........

i m very excited 2 see u in prince caspian.i m your greatest fan.I love u....WILLIAM

That poor boy, he already has millions of girls going to marry him. How ever will he manage? ;-D ;-D

William i loved ur acting in narnia.I hope u will do ur best in prince caspien ........LOVE U.bye


hey i look foward to seeing you in Prince caspien

hello me and my friends mary,Emily,katie,holly,chloe and me r big fans we made up a club and by the way who ever afreen is she is lieing cause im your biggiest fan ever i have watched your show 5 times dont think im a freak cuse im 19 2 i luv u toodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dear william
You are very, very, beautiful and wonderful.
We be mad about you!!!!!!!!!
We love you!
Sorry for me spelling mistake.
We are italian.

Kasarra and Amy are totally right, and Will may be cool but God is way cooler and if it weren't for him there wouldn't be any William Mosely. Peter Pevensie is cooler than William Mosely anyway (all you Mosely lovers are so immature). I'd rather marry Peter.

No offense to you, Will. You are a great guy.

Amy and Kasarra are right. I agree with them wholeheartedly. William was a very good actor and I thought he did a very good job as Peter. Yet, he is a sinner, just like everyone else. I guess we could be praying for him, that God would become real to him.

You're really cool and i'm very happy to meet you.
I thimk you're really a good, nice, brave and cheerful person. i'm from the country Philippines, can you visit in this country? Just want you to know this word....... ASTIG KA!
It means youre a tough and strong guy.....

jesus, stop the go with him being a sinner!! god everyone is and i´m pretty sure he knows it to. And pliss, as if he´d marry the first wacked up girl who said she´s going to marry him. Now i feel immature for telling u guys off!!! It was on pretty good article though.

Oh please. I'm so fed up with that "sinners" stuff.

Guys, do you really think William would marry any of you in reality? The last I heard, he had a girlfriend. I'm sorry, but I don't think anyone one of you will end up marrying him.

Thanks William for the good acting. Keep up the good work for Prince Caspian. I wish you the most success in the rest of your acting.
P.S. Marry whoever YOU want to it's your life.
P.P.S. I love Jesus

i totally agree with Rae, i'm more in love with Peter than Will. (no offense if you read this William!)
ironically i've been in love with peter since i was 8. :)

Rae, Kassara(sorry if I spelled your name wrong) and amy are right. William ROCKS but so does God, way more than willy here. William, if you havn't accepted Christ as your savior, I advise you to do so now. look in Acts to find out how. Will, me boy, ( no disrespect, i'm only 11!) U R cool. Keep up the good work! (pass that on to Anna, Skandar, and Georgie) Bye William

for the record, i pray for the four kids as often as i can. it would be soooo cool not only for us to meet them in heaven, but for C.S. Lewis to meet these four wonderful people who brought his best characters to life.
a shout out to the Christians out there, pray for these kids. pray works in ways we cannot even imagine!

I love the chronicles of narnia and if i'm righit this will be the last time that you enter narnia. You and Anna Poplewell ar my favorite of all and i know that prince caspian it's going to be a great hit, even if a didn't like the book that much, i'm exaited about it. In the book Peter is 14 years old and you are already 19 so i don't know how that's goinng to work out, and you really grew when you did were filming "the lion the witch and the waldrobe" but i'm sure you're going to be great. Say hello to Skandar and georgie for me thank you William.

One more theng, if you are reading this right now can you send a mesage to all your fans?

Sorry for spelling "thing" wrong in my last comment.

And also for other misspell words.

I think you're a great actor, William! Keep up with the good work! You're totally kuhl, but I must agree that God is way kuhler!
P.S: I like your hair XD...I won't comment anything here on marriage though :P

I have never commented on one of these before but I wanted to say how impressed I am at some of the wisdom that has been displayed through this conversation. I'm not going to point out any names lest I forgot someone, but know that prayer is powerful. And who knows, there are people including myself who pray for William, Georgie, Anna, and Skandar, and other various actors. But especially those four as they continue this journey through a story that has christian meaning and depth to it. I am sorry for those of you on here who do not believe in Jesus. He made you and keeps you alive for a reason. I pray that he will send someone to you and you will learn who He really is. To William, may you be blessed and one day understand some of the meanings behind what you are protraying to the world. I pray that God sends christians to work on the movies with you and the cast, and that God will open your eyes to the truth. God bless everyone who reads this comment.
A servent of Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God

This is my first time to ever post on one of these but I completely agree with those who have pointed out that William, Anna, Skandar, and Georgie are all sinners and are not perfect. They did a great job on the movie, but just acting out a "good" part doesn't make you perfect. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only one that can help you be perfect like Him. For those of you here who do not believe in Jesus, you will one day, because the Bible says that, "Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shell confess that Jesus Christ is Lord."
I'm not trying to say that the Narnia cast are all terrible, but everyone is a sinner.
I really do like Narnia and C.S.Lewis and I think the actors did a good job.

A daughter of Jesus Christ

I told every one that I send a comment and they told me to tell you that you are a really good actor and that they can't wait for "Prince Caspian. I also want to tell georgia to built a bridge and to get over it. Last night I couldn't sleep so remember that i knew a girl that kknows someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows someone(Andrew Adams) that knows you. And Im going to be writing until you respond to your dear fans and tell us what do you think of our comments. I love you as an actor and can't wait for "Prince Caspian". thank you William and have a great day.

I know that these is the 3rd time that I send my comment but I just have to. I'm in love with the article, the movie and the books. You are my favorite actor and Peter is my favorite character of all the books. I know that you are going to do great on "Prince Caspian" and also all the cast especially Georgie because I love Lucy and a know that she is going to be great too. Tell Anna and Skandar that I also thind that they are really good to. And William, plece try to respond some of your comments, and Hook if you could intervew Skandar, plece?
I love you William and can't wait for "prince caspian to come out. Thank you.
And hail Peter the high king of Narnia, long live king Peter.

sorry for the misspeled words in the last one Ijust notice right now.

I think it is wonderful that Emma is praying for the 4 kids. I am also. Since we most likely will never meet the actors the most powerful thing we can do is pray for them. I agree that it would be neat to meet them in heaven. But it is even more important that they love God and accept His free gift of eternal life.

-"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." NIV

I agree with all the Jesus freaks, and am praying for the cast and crew member's involved in these movies.I hope someday that they see what these books are really all about, and that they see that what they are making is more than some cool movies but a key to people who do not beleive in Jesus Christ.Jack(C.S.Lewis)knew how to wright christain books that non christains would love.

from a Jesus freak

I thought the movie was excellent and can not wait for the next movie. I thought all of the actors were incredible. Georgie however was my favorite. She is incredibly adorable!

BTW this is my first time posting here!

ya'll are literally obsessed! lol it's pretty funny though! I think it's cute where he says "I don't do nasty things" aww! glad to know you still have your head on even though you are in hollywood Will!

here's a shout out to the Jesus freaks! i think it's awesome that you all are praying for the "pevensies". it makes me feel like im not alone in this.
i love you all and cant wait to meet you in heaven!

God bless

Hey, Everyone, especially you prayer warriors,

I had no idea my comment would get so many responses! :) God is so good to use even my incomplete message to stir up more truth! Keep on praying that Jesus will save the actors and the fans who love the actors more than Jesus. I know it is so hard to love God more than worldly things, but we were made to glorify God and serve Him alone; our joy will not be complete without Him.

William Mosely, if you do read this, know that I think you are a great actor, and I have always loved being dramatic, and would love to act. But what will bring me and God the most joy is to act for Him. I will pray for you that you will not try to find your joy in this fleeting life, but will put you treasure in heaven, where nothing will destroy it. "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Matthew 6:21

BTW, Kayla, is your last name Chrisman? I just thought I might know you!

Keep up the thought-provoking posts everyone!

In Christ,


This is for Amy,
Sorry Amy my last name is not Chrisman. I don't want to use my real name, so I'm posting my comments under another name.

In Christ,

William may be really busy, especially since Prince Caspian will start being shot in February. He may not have time to write to all his fans. Just don't be disappointed if he doesn't respond or someone else responds for him. I know what it's like, so just be careful and don't be disappointed.

In Christ,

Will, ilove you to death! you are so cool! and what do you mean "not doing nasty things"!!!! my friend told me that you gave skander something really gross for his 15th b-day,i demand to know what it was and why!!!!!!!
anyhow, Jesus rocks my world as well do you.I wish i was 19 so I could marry you, but I'm 14.may you have a wonderful life,find joy ,love and peace!I love you !
P.s.i have wrote you .Please reply, i am a very impatiant person.thanks!full name is anna jacqueline smith,that might help you get back to me.thanks again!remember:Jesus rocks! love ya

Thanks, Kayla!

From what you said it sounds like you have acted before. Is that true? You don't have to tell me; I understand your need to be private on the many creeps are out there.

Well, so long for now!

In Christ,


The only acting I've done is in skits for church and at a Christian camp I worked at this last summer. I do like to act, though, but I don't get very many chances to.
There are a lot of creeps out there. My parents drilled it into me to not give away personal information on the computer.
But I also like the name Kayla. It is one of the characters in a book I'm writing.

In Christ,

willam moseley, lo mejor osea no tanto pero igual me gusta, tambien anna me kae super bien.....
por siempre willi

uuuuhhhhi parece que soy la unica que habla español .... weno les deseo una feliz navidad chiquillos que lo pasen super bien...
Viva willi!!!!

Merry Christmas to all you!

(live backstreet boys)

hey jacqueline, if you were commenting to my comment, well i can't speak spanish, only english.
by the way to everyone out there please tell me that William reads our comments. If not please comment to my previous comment and this one. Thanks.

P.S. i love JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i love WILLIAM PETER MOSELEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NARNIA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey jacqueline, if you were commenting to my comment, well i can't speak spanish, only english.
by the way to everyone out there please tell me that William reads our comments. If not please comment to my previous comment and this one. Thanks.

P.S. i love JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i love WILLIAM PETER MOSELEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NARNIA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cool that you write kayla! what's the story about?
and amen to not giving personal info out...been there done that not pretty...

The story is kind of a mix between narnia and Lord of the Rings. It's about three teenagers that suddenly find themselves in another world. It has the fantasy of Lord of the Rings and the first book has kind of the same storyline of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

That was kind of a vague description I gave of my book. It is about three teenagers who get into another world and learn that they are possibly heirs to a throne. But a girl, Jade, who wants to take over the world they are in, also wants to kill the teenagers so they won't be able to rule. The book has elves, humans, dragons, and Moriahkites(the bad guys who serve Jade).
I hope that's a better description of the book.
You know, I was thinking about something the other day. It's kind of comical how some of us are doing a chat on a website where you post comments about an article on William Moseley.
I wish I could meet all you Christians who have been posting comments. Well, I guess we will meet each other one day in heaven-and what a glorious day that will be!

In Christ,

amen sister! cant wait!
let us know when yur published so we can read it ;)
luv ya sis!
God bless

A message to all you Christians,

It is awesome that you are shareing what you believe about Jesus Christ for others to read. I was encouraged to see that Christians are praying for the "Pevensies" because I to am a Christian.
I look forward to meeting you all in heaven.

A daughter of the King of Kings,
"For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain" -Philippians 1:21

Hey, to all of you Christians and Narnia fans out there. It is sure nice to see that I am not the only Christian out there that likes Narnia as much as ya'll do. I am also a William Moseley fan, but I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ a whole lot more than Will. I am also glad that I am not the only one that is praying for the 4 kids to be shown the love of Jesus Christ in some form. Again, I would personally like to say that my love life with Jesus Christ is a whole lot stronger than my fascination with Will. I have to agree with several of you that between Will and his character, Peter; I am much more in love with Peter than Will because of his character and that ability to lead and protect his younger siblings. I hope and pray that I will get to see all of ya'll in heaven one day, and I hope to see all four of the "Pevensies" - William, Anna, Skander, and Georgie in heaven also. Since I was younger, I knew that Peter was indeed my most favorite Pevensie, other than Lucy. I do not know whether you will read this or not Will, but just in case you do; I just want you to know that God loves you and He died on the cross just for you. You are doing a great job as an actor, and I hope to see you in Prince Caspian. Even though, I do not know you personally, Will, I love you very much with the love of Christ that He showed for you and for me on Calvery. Okay, well that wraps up what I am going to say, so here's farwell.

God Bless,
Your Sister in Christ,

P.S. I apoligize about the word ya'll, I am from the south so bear with me. Oh, and by the way, hail to High King Peter, the Magnificent, and long may you live, Sir Peter, Wolf's Bane, Knight of Narnia!!! Don't forget I love you Will! Narnia truly ROCKS!!!

ok natalie you must be my long lost twin!!!

i tell you all, this is such an encouragement to me to see all the christians responding. i normally dont post on stuff like this but i am so glad i did. i repeat my self again - i am counting the days to when i can finally meet my Lord and Savior, and you all in heaven.
God bless you all abundantly, and have a very Merry Christmas with the celebration of our Lord's birth!!

My dear sisters (and maybe brothers) in Christ, I am blessed by these comments on this site, and I know that many of you are too.
Wow, it has been forever since I got on here and I never expected to get back on. Gosh, I thought that maybe no one would ever read my comment. (see comment from Jade) I was very wrong. It is so cool to get on here and see how many christians have been talking to each other and to William on a site like this. If William reads this, surely he will think about what we have all written. I do hope you will, Will. (that must be confusing) Anyway, some of you mentioned heaven and that makes me excited! I'm really serious when I say that I can't wait to meet you(christians) all in heaven. I wonder if we'll know that we talked on here. Or maybe we'll start talking and then realize it. What fun!
I hope that others continue to witness to William and everyone who reads the conversations. God bless everyone who reads the comments on this page.

A servant of Jesus Christ the Son of God

It's amazing that you guys have the courage to express your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you all for being an encouragement to me and many others to be courageous even online.


P.S. I am the person who wrote the thing by 'someone' I said everything in that message to "feel the waters" of the people on this site. I am also a Christian. : )

I know what you mean, Jade! I wasn't sure if I was ever going to come back on either! But it's good to be back!

It's so cool to see all the responses from Christians this article has been getting! I know I was really glad when I found out I wasn't the only one who had the same feelings everyone else here has had. is a great websight where you can find out all the latest info info on the movies.

To all you Christians,
If you go to and sign-up for the discussion forum, there is a 'Narnia and Christianity' forum with all these discussions on the spiritual side of Narnia. It's really cool. If you do go there, my username is Kayla_elfmaiden. PLEASE say hi!

In Christ,

P.S. Jesus ROCKS!!!

me encanta william moseley que me gustaria que publicaran mas fotos en este sitio y que me mandaran unas a mi correo electronico.

besos a William

william you seem to be like a great guy! hope i meet you some day, no matter how old, ugly or poor you are.

i like you, a lot.




amber you are wrong ,i do have a life; just a very dull one. my goal in life is to become a writer and i have already wrote a short story.
yes i love william moseley, but he has a right to his own life. i just hope he lives it to the full and that he lives for Jesus Christ.Merry Christmas to you all out there in internet land and to you too Will.i love you all. bye.

Yes, Merry Christmas everyone!

Anna, that's so cool that you write! I do too. Did you publish your short story, or did you just write it for your own enjoyment?

Will, I can't wait to see you in Prince Caspian!

ok all you will fans listen up needs some site staff desperately or they will be forced to close down. i applied for 1 or 2 positions, but they still need tons of help. check out the site and see if there's something you could do.

God bless

Hey, everyone,

Atfer I checked this post for mistakes, I thought I should explain that this is a new year's reminder (for me and whoever reads this) of Who should be our greatest passion. I guess one could call this paragraph a disclaimer! :)

I know that watching movies and discussing famous actors is very exciting, especially at our young ages, but like you all have been writing, the only One who can satisfy our heart's longings is Jesus Christ. He made us to glorify and forever enjoy Him, so it logically follows that we will be miserable serving anyone or anything else! I know that there is nothing wrong with enjoying entertainment, but our Savior is so much better than any entertainment. Just think about it: for example, a car is made to run with a specific engine using specifically qualified gas. If one were to replace the engine or even put a different grade of gas in the tank, the car would not only not run, but could break down. In the same way, filling our lives with anything other than Jesus, even a cheap false religion, will mar and eventually destroy us. John 1:4 says: "In Him was life, and that life was the light of men." John 14:6 refines this statement: "Jesus said to him, '"I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."' These verses make it clear why other religions or believing in anything other than Jesus will not work: He is the only way. So, in a sense our means of having eternal life with God is very narrow ( He is the narrow gate), but very wide, as only those our Lord has elected for salvation will be saved, and only through the wooing of the Holy Spirit. His elect for salvation will be saved, and those predestined for hell will perish. This leaves no room for worry, as God is in complete control of our souls! Those of us who are saved can and should rejoice that our holy God even willed to save us, when all humans everywhere deserve death for our sin! His mercy and love are so vast, that if all we ever did in life was to praise Him for these two attributes of His character, we would never have time for anything else!

As we step into this new year, let's praise God for His light that shone into our souls, giving us life, and seek to glorify Him in response for His love and mercy in all we do!

Have a blessed new year! :)


Amen sister!

Please read what Amy wrote above! God loves us soooooo much, and He wants us to be with Him forever in heaven.
John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
God cared about us so much, He sent His ONLY SON to earth to die on the cross for our sins. Jesus lived a perfect life. He didn't deserve to die! But He cared about us and died so we could be with God in heaven.
In his book, THE PASSION OF JESUS CHRIST, John Piper wrote something that I want to share with you all. (If you haven't read the book, I highly suggest it!) Here is what He says:
The person whom God sent to save sinners was His own divine Son, His ONLY Son... When we add to this consideration the horrific death by crucifixion that Christ endured, it becomes clear that the sacrifice the Father and the Son made was indescribably great-even infinite, when you consider the distance between the divine and the human. But God chose to make this sacrifice to save us. The measure of His love for us increases still more when we consider our own unworthiness. "PErhaps for a good person one would dare even to die-but God shows His own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Romans 5:7-8). We deserved divine punishment, not divine sacrifice.(John Piper, THE PASSION OF JESUS CHRIST, pg. 29)


I know about John Piper too! My family owns several of his books, and our church loves his books. If you know him, you must be at least familiar with reformed doctrine (sola gratia, grace alone), and/or reformed yourself! My family and I only believed reformed about a year and a half ago, so it's relatively new to us.

I have not read that book, but I will hopefully sometime.

Have a great new year!

Love in Christ,



Well, I like John Piper and his book that I have (what is reformed doctrine?). That is the only John Piper book I have. Our church library has some of his books, and I know my dad reads a few of his books.

william u r the best love u jaanu..............muaaaaahhhhhh


Reformed doctrine, known by the five sola gratias, was first taught by John Calvin the great reformer. They are: total depravity, undeserved mercy, limited atonement, irrisistible grace, and perseverance of the saints. (A neat thing is that they form the acronym: TULIP.) Basically, there is no way we humans can "choose" God, for we are completely depraved and can have no desire for God unless He has first chosen us. "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day." John 6:44 The good news is that from before there was time, God has elected some humans to salvation, and others to eternal damnation. "For the Scripture says to the Pharaoh, "'For this very purpose I have raised you up, that I may show My power in you, and that My name may be declared in all the earth.' Therefore He has mercy on whom He wills, and whom He wills He hardens. You will say to me then, 'Why does He still find fault? For who has resisted His will?' But indeed, O man, who are you to reply against God? Will the thing formed say to Him who formed it, 'Why have you made me like this?' Does not the potter have power over the clay, from the same lump to make one vessel for honor and another for dishonor? What if God, wanting to show His wrath and to make His power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, and that He might make known the riches of His glory on the vessels of mercy, which He had prepared beforehand for glory, even us whom He called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles?" Romans 9:17-24 In other words, either way we are totally within His will and under His control; there is no possibility for His plan for either group to fail. If we believe that God is totally omnipotent and omniscient (all-powerful and all-knowing), and we believe the Scriptures to be absolutely true, we cannot deny this doctrine. The Bible thoroughly supports this, and even though I struggled a lot with this when I was first taught it a year and a half ago, with much prayer and searching of the Bible, I have found it to be true. John 6 really helped me, to name one of countless passages. :) The reason this doctrine is so important is because the popular opposing teaching, Arminianism, teaches that we are not completely unable to choose God and what's right, thereby contradicting God's Word. It also steals some of the glory that is due our Savior, since humans are able to help in their own salvation. John Piper also believes this. Even though I regard this doctrine as crucial to understanding salvation, I have gradually realized that the most important thing about it is how it gives every ounce of glory to our blessed Savior, Jesus. I am convinced that lots of Arminians are truly Christians, but the problem with their doctrine is that it claims that the sinner's prayer, often an only human effort, can save sinners. Since Jesus alone can woo and save us, depending on an entirely emotional experiance is not the best or wisest idea. I have had to search my own heart for proof of salvation, and only then did I realize that I hadn't been saved for most of my life. In fact, I believe Jesus really saved me just last September. So I am very thankful for coming to our church, Christ Fellowship. (Here is the website: God brought me here to show me my blindness, and save me from both hellfire and His wrath against my sin! Proof of salvation is shown by the fruit we bear, and I know that, even though I am a baby Christian, my heart's desire is to know, serve, and love Jesus, as well as live with love toward all people.

If you have any questions about this, please do ask me. Even though Calvinism is the most accurate interpretion of Scripture, it takes a lot of thinking to grasp it! The neat thing about it is that I know that I am to love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and explaining this to you is fullfilling that command in at least two of those areas!

Let me know what you think!

Love in Christ,



If my last post seemed too harsh, I am truly sorry. I did not intend too offend you, but present the Scripture as accurately as possible. If I offended you, will you forgive me?

I hope you have a great week!

Love in Jesus Christ,


hey kayla, i think your idea for a book is sooooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!! i like to writie also but im only 12 & not good at it at all. i also thought it was really, really cool that you like LORD OF THE RINGS & NARNIA TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you read the books? I LOVE books and movies like them. i have 3 friends that should really post some comments on here. one is a GREAT writer just like you, the other 2 are HUGE LORD OF THE RINGS & NARNIA fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:O :) :]p.s.please respond

it's totally cool to read some wise comments I am a christian 2 and some times i feel like I'm the only one out there but all your comments encourage me because there are other people out there who r living for christand going through the same things as me.i beg u not only to pray foractors and actresses but for other people out there , who aren't living for christ and pray every day that go can use ur life as exaple for those who r lost.
i hope to see all u guys in heaven
God bless u all
luv sarah

hey out there
im back on here to shamelessly promote my Narnia website, Forever Narnia...
the URL is
i have lots of stuff i've added. Caption it, graphics, cast biographies, recipes, and tons of other neat things. I also should mention the William Moseley Birthday Project that is in the works. You can click the direct link on my home page, the project is in the forums. we desperately need participants, only 2 or 3 have so far.
Thanks and God bless to my fellow Jesus Freaks! (on a side note the site is totally clean and my graphics administrator and I are Christians)

willi u r the best from the u alot

yes back for shameless promotion of the site... just to say the URL has changed to


I love narnia too but u will soon get tierd of it but i won't hopefully i am not christian but muslim but ur right god is better than will. god bless u all.

Narnia Fan,

I read that you are Muslim. I will be upfront and tell you that I am a follower of Jesus Christ. What makes you believe in Allah? I trust Jesus because He died on the cross for my sins, so I don't have to do works to appease Him. The way to heaven is narrow, according to Matthew 7, but Jesus is the Son of God, and entirely good, so I trust Him. I believe that His blood has opened up the way to heaven, where I will be in God's presence for all eternity. Besides trusting Him, I believe Jesus is the only way to heaven because Christianity is the only religion not based on human effort for salvation. Also, it is the most attacked religion of all, which I take to be that as all men have sinned, and hate the light, (1st John), loving darkness instead, then the only truth would be spurned unless God opened any sinner's heart and draws that person to Himself. In other words, Christianity teaches that salvation from hell and God's wrath is all God's doing, and nothing we do can save us. Even repenting is a gift that God gives us.

I just wanted to discuss our beliefs, and if you would like to, please write me back here!

Love in Christ,

Narnia Fan,

What is your name? If you would like to write back, please do so!

Love in Christ,


Hi Kate,
Yes, I have read the books. Thank you so much for your encouraging post. I haven't worked on my book for awhile, but I am hoping to start it back up again. This thing called life kinda got in the way.

Hey, Kayla,

If you have any questions about my earlier post, please do ask. I hope I did not come across as stern, as I really am very gullible and can be silly! :)

I hope you are enjoying the new year, as am I. Well, I have to go do some school; so long!

Love in Christ,

it sounded good amy ;) i hope he/she writes back.

go to and leave me a message in my shoutbox if you want, we can chat there on my Forever Narnia website. kayla, and other jesus freaks, you are all welcome anytime! and anyone else lol.

God bless my siblings!



I will do so right now! Thanks for encouraging me about my note...just because speaking the truth is right doesn't mean it's always easy. But in the end (heaven), we who have rested in Jesus will have our reward. Jesus said that He will lose none of all that the Father gives Him, but will raise them up at the last day! (John 6)

I'll see you in a sense soon!

Love in Christ,



I meant that I would see you on your website. I visited there shortly after I posted the last message.

Have a blessed day of rest (Sunday)!

Love in Christ,

Oh, everyone,

I would love to be Aravis in THHAHB! I have brown hair, brown eyes, tan pretty well, have freckles, am bossy, and can put on a pretty convincing British accent when reading the Narnia books!

We'll see what happens. Wouldn't I have to go to actor's school first? Bother it all, if I do, for I have loved to act and have been in three church dramas. And even though I would be 22 by the time they started filming it, everyone I know comments on how I look several years younger than I really am! Besides, Ben Barnes is 25, and should be 13, and despite that he got the part. Whatever happens, I want to glorify Jesus, and be only within His will.

Well, goodnight all you peppy Narnia fans! May your responses never grow short or scarce! (That is a typical dwarf greeting in The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien, for those of you who have not read it.)
Love in Christ,

"But they that wait on the Lord will renew their strength; they will mount up with wings as eagles. They will run and not be weary; they will walk and not faint." Isaiah 40

i love you william moseley
p.s. are you christian

hello ben türküm anna i love annna askim narnia günlükleri çok güzel ben four. class gidiyorum pek fazla ingilish bilmiyorum neyse william and skandar çok yakisikli onlarida seviorum georgie beyzadaA SENI SEVIYOR I LOVE GEORGINA DIO SIZLERI SEVIYORUM I LOVE NARNIA AND ANNA

cool thanks for going amy :) it's under revamp now, so everythings gone lol. its going to be good i hope...

You're very welcome!

you are great and cute.

Hey, Everyone!

Are you peppy or not? I have not received any responses from you for almost two months! Oh, well!

Have fun this week on Narnia Web. :)

In Christ,

P.S. I voted that the blog was pretty cool. How about you all? Getting all your answers to this question could take up a lot of space, so don't worry about it!


I'm Peppy! Now what ?!

Hi,Peppi, how funny!
I meant that no one writing here had responded to my earlier post about wanting to be Aravis in HHB. So I asked them if they had anything energetic, i.e. peppy to them. But if you want to respond to my Aravis post, you're welcome to do so!

In Christ,

BTW, Peppi,

Are you French? I live in the United States of America, but since I believe Jesus has saved me, giving me the gifts of grace and faith to believe in Him, I am really only passing through, and am a citizen of heaven where someday I will be with God for all eternity. Are you going to be there when Jesus returns?

On another note, I have at least one French ancestor, whose name was Lady Esther Jane Gray. We might be related!

So long!


I'm not French, but based on what you say I guess you're my sister. We're related after all! See you in heaven.





o yay another one! *hugs peppi*
i love finding family online :D
i put my email in, feel free guys :) i dont bite :D

luv you all amy, peppi,kayla, sarah r and the ones i've missed *hugs*

Iam trying to be pure but it is rilly hard when we have a cute actor like you acting peater in my 2 faverit movie.I also have been praying for you. pleas except crist.
your fan
p.s I don't love you
p.p.sgood acting

I don't really understand this thread. is there an actor in the building?

no there is not an actor here.


Is there an actress here?

No, no actresshere.


You all seem to have awakened since I last posted! Wow!!! :)

I have acted in three church dramas, and have always been dramatic, so in a sense, there is an actress here! Once, when I was six years old, I chased my siblings around dressed as the White Witch! I would love to be Aravis, but I don't know if that is what the Lord would have me do. I am seeking His will through His Word to see if any part of acting would be contrary to His commands. The result will show help me determine whether being Aravis is according to His will, or His Word. Scripture confirms this by telling us that we have been given all that is necessary for life and godliness in the complete this truth makes seeking God's will so much more doable.

Peppi and Emmy, I long to be with you in heaven where our joy will be complete in seeing face to face and forever dwelling with our glorious, merciful Savior!

Love in Christ,

P.S. Are there any other actresses here?

P.P.S. On another note, for all you young Christian girls, there is an excellent book my Mom bought me for my 19th birthday, subtitled Helpful Instructions for the Young Christian Female, by Harvey somebody. I will check out the title soon and post it here. In short, it is a compiled set of letters from an older Christian brother to his younger newly Christian sister, written to be used as a manual to refer to on important aspects of godly living for Christian young women. Oh, to have a brother like that!!! :) It was first printed in, drum roll...1851! Even though the language is old-fashioned, the truths presented have not been antiquified by the more than 150 years of time that have passed. God's Word is thoroughly upheld in this powerful volume, and I highly recommend reading and re-reading it!

Hey there, again,

Okay, here is the title for the book: A Practical Manual: Helpful Instructions for Young Christian Females, by Harvey Newcomb. Please get this gem of a book!

Have a great day! Salvete! (This is Latin for: Goodbye, you all.)

Love in Christ,


I want to meet William Moseley Anna Popplewell skander Keynes and Georgie Henley!. I really want to know if William Moseley have a girlfriend i want to see a picture of his girlfriend if he has one.

Hey, guys
Thanks for all that you have said. I am a Christian, also, and, am indeed, loving all of it.(can't wait for Prince Caspian! Don't know how they're going to work out the age thing, though . . . ) My life with God has just been renewed, and I praise Him for that. If it wasn't for Him, NONE of us would be here, including William Moseley. I love his acting! He was great! But, he needs God, like everyone reading this does. One of my favorite verses is Isaiah 43:1-2, and another is Philipians 1:6.(sorry if I spelled that wrong.)I'm am praying for everyone out there, and I hope I will see everyone,(including you Pevensie kids, and actors!)in Heaven, and in glory, praising our Lord's name.
In His Love and Mercy,


I just read your post...God is truly so good! Keep on fighting the good fight. One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is Hebrews 12, and on Sunday I noticed how it tied together with Job 4, which was so comforting. Both address how the Lord chastens those whom He accepts as sons, which was really comforting for me, as I have been undergoing some chastening of late.

It is easy for me to think that acting in one of the Narnia movies would be the best way to share the gospel with these actors and all the set people, but God alone is the one who opens our hard hearts to His truth, so whether He allows me to act in any of them, I should not have to worry about their salvation...I can pray for the Holy Spirit to open their hearts to the gospel, knowing that salvation comes only from our God!:) The Lord does use us as earthen vessels to proclaim His glory, but we ARE the VESSELS, the ones molded and shaped by the One who made us vessels of clay in the first place.

Have you read the book Deadline, by Randy Alcorn? Chapter four in it explores heaven in an amazing way, and if you want to get more insight into how awesome heaven is going to be, read another of his books called...(guess what)...Heaven! :) I have not read the latter yet, but it is supposed to be excellent!

Have a blessed day!

In Christ,

No, Amy, I have not read Deadline.
Two of my favorite(Christian) authors are Frank Peretti and Janette Oke. They are both good authors, although, I would NOT advise Frank Peretti to new Christians, or even non-Christians, seeing as they are quite scary.(although, it might scare someone enough.)
This was supposed to be a discussion of the theological point of Narnia! So this is where it ends up . . . isn't that interesting? I am hoping that these kids saw the message OF Narnia. And that they are considering.
But by prayer and supplication daily!
William, Skander, Georgia, and Anna, I am praying for you all.
In His Love and Mercy,

I just watched Narnia last night, and like always, I got caught up in it! They are such good actors! Like when Mr. Beaver talked, they all looked extremely shocked! Then, when they were sacrificing Aslan, we like to turn it down so that we don't hear it so much, but our Dad said, "Don't turn it down all the way, this is the price. He(Jesus)died for us, and this is what it cost. It's reality." Yes, it is! Man, if it was that bad, for Aslan, what was it for Jesus? It scares me, but I'm thankful that He did!
In His Love and Mercy,

Any of you seen the '60's show "The Prisoner", starring Patrick McGoohan? It's a great show!
In His Love and Mercy,

I think the article is great. I am also a fan of William Moseley. I think he is so cool, funny and a talented actor. I am a christian, but wasn't christened. I am looking forward to seeing William Moseley, Skander Keynes, Georgie Henley and Anna Popplewell in Prince Caspian. Will is my first favourite actor. David Tennant is my second and Georgie is my favourite actress.

hey Kerry
yeah, the article was good, wasn't it?
and I also can't wait until Prince Caspian comes out - I hope to go with my friend to see it. Will is a very good actor, as are the others. I like Georgie next, then Skander, than Anna.


Hey fellow Christians,
I just wanted to say hello again and say how I feel regarding the way that ya'll have commented. I am a Narnia fanatic as my church friends tell me many a time. I love Will, but I am more in love with his character, Peter Pevensie than him. He is a great actor and he is cute but that does not really matter to me at all. I am more concerned in developing my own godly character and my relationship with Jesus than sighing over an actor. I do hope that he does get saved one day soon and that when he does it the other actors will do it, too. I am indeed more like a Peter and a Lucy in the ways that I act and think in everything that I do. I am in a way a leader like Peter and a very merciful person like Lucy. You guys are doing such a great job at not hiding your beliefs and your Christian faith. I know that I will see you all in heaven some day and we can talk to each other and remember how we openly shared our beliefs on this site. But what I want more than anything is to shine a light to those who are posting comments on this website who are not Christians so that they can see the Jesus that I believe in is the only way to God. Oh, and by the way as I said before in my first post that I pray for the four actors also and I am still fervently doing that. Here is a little something for William if he ever goes on here and reads what we have posted.
William, I just want you to know that I love you very much with the love that Christ has given to me. I know that you are busy, but just in case you read this from me just know that you will one day soon see the light and become a true Christian and become a brother in Christ to me. I will always be praying for you, so do not forget that. I can't wait to see you in Prince Caspian next year and I know that it will be wonderful. I love you very much and I hope to see you in heaven someday.

Your Sister in Christ,

P.S. I am planning and it is still in the works on dressing up and going to the Prince Caspian premiere next year. I am going to be Peter, because I am the oldest of my three other friends that are doing it with me. Please reply to this post, for Peter's sake, if any of you can as quickly as possible. I would like to hear from ya'll. Love you all and here's a hug for all of you out there

hey! Yes, like I said before, I hope to go to Prince Caspian premiere with my friend like you. And I agree. Sure, William is "cute"(I prefer handsome)but I like Peter better, and besides, what does outside looks have to do in comparison to actions? I hope that whatever happens, the 4 kids and any actor and person that sees Narnia series will understand God's plan of salvation.
May God reach you all.
In His Love and Mercy,

I hope to see you in Heaven, everybody, as we worship our God

Hey Cole,

Thanks for responding to my post that I placed on here several days ago. Oh, just to mention it; I think I did mean to say handsome instead of cute. I know I have to get past that childish way of talking like that and so I would like to apologize for that, my friend. Could you please forgive me for that and if you do can you please respond back to this? I have a bad habit of typing somethings out before I think about what I am actually saying. Thank you for clarifying yourself and that I appreciate very much. I hope to reply back to you soon, so good-bye for now.

For Narnia and for Aslan,
Natalie "Sir Peter, Wolf's Bane"

yup! I forgive you!(Forgive seven times seven, right? It's hard practicing that, though)I wasn't trying to saying anything against you, I'm used to people saying people are cute, when they really are handsome. But yeah, of course! (I know, I sometimes say things before I think about it, then, well . . .yeah, red ears!)

I love that name, "Wolf's Bane"!
I drew a picture of Peter swinging his sword, and that's what I titled it.
I just finished The Silver Chair. That is another good Narnia story!
Hope to hear from you
In His Love and Mercy,


Thanks for forgiving me, especially here on a site where other people see what you write in. It took me a lot of courage to admit what I said earlier and I feel so much better now. It is so nice to have a Christian friend that you don't even know what they look like, but they are on the same side of your beliefs. I am getting rather excited about Prince Caspian coming out next year and I go online almost everyday to see if there is anything new about it.

I love "Wolf's Bane" too, it is practically my favorite title that Peter has besides High King Peter the Magnificent. I am putting Sir Peter, Wolf's Bane behind my name, because I have a tendency to be the bane of anything that could harm my spiritual walk or even straightening out my older brother when we have had an argument. So, I am truly Evil's Bane.

I haven't read the books since The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe came out in theaters. I will probably read them when it gets close to Prince Caspian, because it doesn't take me that long to read all seven of them.

For Narnia and for Aslan,

Natalie "Sir Peter, Wolf's Bane

yes, for Narnia, and for Aslan . . .

I'm reading the whole series out loud to(I know it sounds weird)God, in my quiet time, so it's taking me a little longer than it usually would.
I saw part of a trailer for Prince Caspian . .the person they picked for Caspian is good, even though his hair isn't golden. But they are all good actors.
Hmmm . . .I don't know if I am quite evil's bane yet! only with God's help.
I must refrain myself from going online every day to check too!
It makes me excited! You know, too, that it's HIGH King Peter the Magnificent! so many say it is just King Peter . . but, no, it is High King.
well, be talking(relatively)to you later.
In His Love and Mercy,

that makes you want to be really careful about what you write, doesn't it, when thousands can read it?


That does not sound weird that you are reading CoN to God for your quiet time; in fact I think that it is a very different and unique idea. Well, I am evil's bane with God's help too is what I meant to say regarding that whole deal. The actor they chose for Caspian does look good, but I have to agree with you that his hair is not golden like it was in the book. This is my temptation with the whole Narnia thing online, but I am working on it with God's help. I love the fact that you agree with me in the fact that it is High King Peter the Magnificent and not just King Peter. That just bothers me so much that I have to correct anyone who says it that way. Well, I have to go and I will talk to you later.

For Narnia and for Aslan,

Natalie "Sir Peter, Wolf's Bane"

Thanks. Not sure that many would understand about the reading.
Technically, they should be making The Horse and His Boy right now, and not Prince Caspian. Although it was written AFTER Prince Caspian, it takes place while the Pevensies were still in throne for the first time.
Ah who cares about golden hair? He's Caspian. If he's a good actor who cares? Oh my word! One of my friends met Georgie Henley online, and now they're friends! ARGHH!!
Well, be seeing you!(relatively)
In His Love and Mercy,


Hello again, it's me just read your post and I wanted to reply to you. I know the right order of the books, but this was the way that he published them. I know with the whole golden hair thing is not a very important thing, because if the actor is good than I'm with you, who cares.

Tell your friend who met Georgie online that they are very lucky, because I have always wanted to meet her and the others too. But I would want to meet them face-to-face, so that I could really get to know them better. I tend to know somebody better if I talk to them in person, because that is just my thing. Of course, I wish that I could meet the older two, Anna and William because they are closer to my age. William is the first of the four I would want to meet just because of who he is. Well, I need to go now, because I am at school right now on my Spring Green Dell laptop typing this. So I will talk to you soon with another entry that I don't know how long it will be determining what you reply back from mine.

For Narnia and for Aslan,
Natalie "Sir Peter, Wolf's Bane"

P.S. By the way, just a quick question is it possible to get you email so that we can communciate in another way besides this. I would like to get to know you a little better, since you are a fellow Christian Narnia fan like me. I will probably send my email address when I send you an email when I get your address because I don't want others to use it that are not Christians.

Yeah, I know. I just like being "mean"! Devil's Advocate? I don't know . . why . . but it's just fun. Just like sometimes the Magigan's(sorry, didn't spell that right, did I?)
Oh, I'm going to tell her she's lucky, you'd better believe it. I'd like to meet William and Georgie face to face - they're my 2 favorite I think.
okay . . . I know what you mean. Yeah, sure. . .
In His Love and Mercy,

sorry Natalie . . it didn't work the way I thought that it did . . .

I think that William is really cute in the movie he doesnt as cute as in real life, I wish I lived in England so I can meet him but I have to live in US have any of u guys met him before if u did can u E-mail me and my E-mail me

I think William Moseley is sooo CUTE! He is such a wonderful actor! I am counting the days until Prince Caspian come out! This article is wonderful!

Wow! I am a believer too. Now, what does it mean to you Christians to be saved? I believe that it's completely by faith, not works. Just curious if you all were on the same page I was. And I agree, William Moseley is a fabulous actor, but I think he deserves a bit of privacy to his personal life. Sorry people. And ia also agree about prayer; nothing could be more effective!! I wish I only practiced it more than I already do.

God bless you all to the fullest!!! Your sister in Christ, Joy

Also. I could never be crazy about someone that I never met. William is a fabulous actor, but his real test will come when and if he is able to uphold his reputation over being famous and wealthy. This article was excellent, and I wish William Moseley the best of luck in life. I hope he nevers loses sight of what really is important in life like most of the other American celebrities have. May God bless you to the fullest, William!!
Your sister in Christ, Joy
P.S. I'm intently looking forward to Prince Caspian

I don't know if you are even on this sight any more, but I respectfully disagree on your stand on Calvinism. I really mean this in the best way possible. But, what is the point of witnessing, as God has specifically commanded us to do, if people don't make their own choices. Christ created us with the freedom to choose. I see your point, but it takes the just, love, and a few other attributes to God completely away. Becoming saved is completely a choice. We can never come to Christ until we admit the need for Him. And what is the point of living out our own lives if God has already pre-ordained it. We have to let Him work in and through our lives. Anyway, I will be extremely impressed if you can convince me otherwise. If you have questions for me, ask.
Well, I don't want to start a big debate. As sisters in Christ, I hope this won't become offensive. It's meant to be quite the opposite.
Can't wait to see Prince Caspian!! I only wish it was coming out sooner.
Love in Christ, Joy
P.S. I am praying that God would use this experience and film in your life William Moseley, and in the lives of your audiences!! God Bless

I don't know if you are even on this sight any more, but I respectfully disagree on your stand on Calvinism. I really mean this in the best way possible. But, what is the point of witnessing, as God has specifically commanded us to do, if people don't make their own choices. Christ created us with the freedom to choose. I see your point, but it takes the just, love, and a few other attributes to God completely away. Becoming saved is completely a choice. We can never come to Christ until we admit the need for Him. And what is the point of living out our own lives if God has already pre-ordained it. We have to let Him work in and through our lives. Anyway, I will be extremely impressed if you can convince me otherwise. If you have questions for me, ask.
Well, I don't want to start a big debate. As sisters in Christ, I hope this won't become offensive. It's meant to be quite the opposite.
Can't wait to see Prince Caspian!! I only wish it was coming out sooner.
Love in Christ, Joy
P.S. I am praying that God would use this experience and film in your life William Moseley, and in the lives of your audiences!! God Bless

I saw a preview for Prince Caspian in theatres on Friday. I got soooo excited. It looks really good, even better than the first one. I truly can't wait to see it. I love the books by C.S. Lewis and the movies are very well done. Well, can't wait until May.

Keep up the tremendous work William Moseley!!!

thank you so much to the people who wrote the truth about Jesus dying for our sins. God bless you and i'll see you guys in heaven.
William, Anna, Skander, Georgie, and ANYONE-i don't know what religion you are but i want you to consider this-do you belive in Heaven? How do you get there?
You may be pondering these questions and be confused- but i know these answers.
Jesus Christ dyed for our sins. but everyone dyes-right? so why is that SO COOL?!!!
It's because he rose again-that is the point. If you don't believe me- read the Bible-the most#1 selling book in the WORLD! GO read the book of Matthew.
Skander, i know you are an athiest-am i not correct? so you probably believe that we started out as bacteria and evolved into our present shape.
skander, how is that possobly true? do something for me- please get a Bible and read the book of Genesis- ok, the first page- it shows you how the world got here. please do not think of me as some lovesick swain-but i do love you. i love eeryone here, so please ask Jesus Christ into your heart and ask him to forgive your sins- so you can be a Christian. Give up your athiest ways! Everyone has sinned and come short of the glory of God! I have too. you must think of me as a religious monk- but i am not, i am a regular teenager trying to "fit in" just as everyone else here is. i have my faults. everyone does.
so, please consider what i am asking of all of you.
thankz for reading.
ps-feel free to email me
pps-Skander, like you i am partly Lebanese

i wrote the article above.
William and Skander-you guys are really cute. dont think of me as a girl who is sick with love- but really admire you.
you did an excellent job in the lion, the witch and the wardrobe! i am definitley getting Prince Caspian also!

Hey, Servant of Christ

It was so great to read what you had to say. I couldn't have said it better, since I have no idea how to say it at all . .
Read Isaiah 43:1-2
I have a question though, do you think that the William, Anna, Skandar and Georgie all actually read this? That would be REALLY cool if they did, right?
I love them all, too. They're great actors, and I am SO going to see Prince Caspian when it comes out.
!Vaya Con Dios!
In God's Love and Mercy,

I absolutely love William Moseley!! He is sooooo cute!! He is an amazing actor! I just can't stop watching Narnia, I just need to see him!!!!

Hey everybody, it's me again. I know you haven't heard from me in a while, but I just thought that I might drop a little something here for all you fellow believers out there. Please do not forget to pray for the four Pevensie actors and I know that I am.

Whoever posted the comment above mine, I just want to say that you really need to get your focus straight. I once was like you, but I am trying not to be so focused on Narnia and I have been doing it and haven't watched it in a little over 8 months and it hasn't bothered me in the least bit. Looks to me that you are a little on the obsessed side with Narnia and William and I just want you to know that he has a choice of who he wants to marry and probably that does not mean you. He is an amazing person, but I love him with the love of Christ, as if to love him to Jesus. I hope that you read this and actually soak it in, whoever you are. Just remember, I have a Christian and I will not back down from the truth of God's Word.

William - if you ever get around to reading anything that has been posted here, I just want you to know that I am praying for you everyday. You are an amazing actor and I am patiently waiting to see you in Prince Caspian in May. If you ever read this post that I am typing right now, I just want you to know that I love Peter, your character and not you. I mean, I have a crush on you, but I don't love you like some other girls do. I am in love with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and not a good-looking British actor. I hope that you will see that God loves you for who you are and turn to him so that you can live your life for him. I am not pressuring you, I just want to let you know that, alright? I know you're busy, but as I said before if you read this just know that I want to love you to Jesus that's all. Tell Anna, Skander and Georgie hello for me and I am praying for them too.

Hey, Natalie!
I read your comment, and was thinking, this sounds familiar!(-: Yes, I will pray for them every day, I try to remember to.
I haven't watched LWW for about a month, not quite as long as you, but yeah! I'm surviving!(-;
Only 59 days until Prince Caspian . . . . I'm excited! You? I know you are!
I will pray for the "Pevensies", and even though William is handsome, and so is Skandar, I'm not going to marry them. And Georgie and Anna are beautiful, and wonderful actors! Great job, guys, and I'm pray for you!

In His Love and Mercy,

hey everyone, i'm the one who wrote "thank you so much to the people..." about 6 articles beofre this one.
anyways, its almost Easter so i hope u guys remember the true story.

so, i no we r all praying 4 the cast in narnia to become true believers.

one good movie that portrays a man who hated Jesus before and then converted and loved him so much that he died 4 his faith is called "The Robe". it shows how Jesus died, but that is one small part. it is a bout a roman soldier who killed him, but then believed, with some romance with his fiancee who is a roman.
it is SO good- and VERY famous- go ask your parents to rent it or buy it- mine only cost $15, get it on 4 it cheaper.
hope u enjoyed tha movie as much as i did!

ps-post a comment saying wat u thought about "The Robe". address it to "Derby"

Hey Derby

I have never seen the Robe, but another good movie to watch about forgiveness and God's love is Ben-Hur. Good movie!

i'm from argentina no speak good english and i lov you william moseley you're my life!!!!!!!!!!!

yes-the last person who wanted me 2 c "Ben-Hur"- u r absolutley correct. i havent seen it be 4, but my mom told me that it was a great movie,
Charlton Heaston died on Sunday April 6th 2008- by the way

feel free 2 email me

hey guys do you know a site that lets you get free narnia wallpapers? just email me (the address is in the blog above). i would like a wallpaper with all the pevensies please!

I would like to congratulate you with your acting career.It's an important part of your life right now,
I pray that you have the wisdom to live the life you have with no regrets.Each day is a blessing to live for what you are and I hope that you are on the path of righteousness.It is better to live free then to remain with a heavy burden of sin.
What other way is there a path to eternal life?
Dont let sin stop you from bieng saved.

I loved your acting in Narnia 1. I just saw the second. you were even better then in the first!!!!

I LUV WILLIAM! He is SOOOOOOOOOO hott! And one day, i will be his wife

Seriously, what is all of your problems? Who cares if William Moseley is a "sinner" or not? This wasn't exactly a religious article, it was an article about a MOVIE, not Will's current soul status. If you want to pray for anyone, try praying for yourselves--you're the ones judging people on completely ridiculous comments.

I think Will is GREAT actor! The Prince Caspian movie was wonderful, and I hope to see him in more movies in the future. Thanks for the article!

Listen, whoever put the previous comment up you need to know that we Christians do not have a problem or anything you may think we do but we don't. I care if he is a sinner, because he is and you will just have to live with it, alright. Here's the deal, I am going to keep praying for him and the others and I will also pray for you so your heart could become more open to Christianity. He is a great actor and the movie was wonderful. He probably will in some future movies if he chooses to, but please rethink what you say about others, because I am a Christian and I do not appreciate what you have said.

With the Love of the King of Kings,

Amy, I can't believe you actually used the word "logically" in defense of your superstition. You never get to use that word when talking about the internal workings of religion. There's nothing logical about it.

So . .everyone is raving over Peter - and now is it going to be Caspian? Just thought I'd ask . . (-:Great actors! I agree with what Natalie said. Go Natalie!

God is a God of Wonders

Young Hollywood had a BLAST interviewing William Moseley! Be sure to check out the footage! Here is a copy of the link:

you are so handsome and talen and i don't now but i now one thing you are the most talent actor i never now.
I Love You
I will see you very soon i believe.

with love:karla


i think willam moseley is great guy i hope i could meet him one day

maybe some day may to visit your country
bye bye a lot of kisses


I just want to say that i am a christian too. i think William should be recognised for his acting and not his looks. i would love to meet him one day, but i doubt that i ever will. He has an awesome talent and that is what he should be known for.
God bless

I really like this article it explains much of what WILL thinks.I Also think will is adoreable and i love his acting and his cheracter.I love all 7 books of NARNIA it is an awsome book.i love how it has to do about GOD and all.I saw the first movie like 30 time i mean it and never got tired of it.I think WILL is so cute and PETER is one of my favorite characters but my main favoriet is ASLAN CAUES HE IS GOD.WILL if u read this send a hi to GORGIE,SKANDAR,AND ANNA PLEASE.


Helloo Will, you´re great. sorry, that I write with mistake becouse I´m from Slovak rpublic. I love you

hey my name is Courtney Andrew I'm 14 this year .i come from a small town called Narrabri in Australia population is about 8000.
my Nan thinks i have the biggest imagination i love this movie so much this whole week Ive stayed up to about 2 in the morning watching it over and over i never get board of it Ive recently made my own bow and arrow and a sowed
this movie is just so good I just wish i could be in one of the movies and meet the actors their so cool and so is this movie if you ever need an actor to help you I'm always here i love this movie i started crying last night just saying to my self you will never be good enough they wont want you in there movie you will never be in the movie that you love more than anything i wish you could meet me. I love you Anna. Georgie you are an amazing little actor. Ben you are really gorgeous and your acting is great.William you are fantastic and Skandar you are cool well i love you all and your movie and acting is great. if you ever need a another person to act the last battle or any of them im here DON'T FORGET.OK it hurts to say good buy but i love you all so much and guys im not lieing.

hey its Courtney Andrew again i love you all k lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

if you want to wright to me i have a bebo my name on it is courtneyA5019 courtyBoii my post code is 2390 i love u again buy

ok courtney im sorry its courtneys cousin courtney hates narnia im obsessed wit it so i used her name so my friends wouldent think i was weird Soz courtney love u